Saturday, October 27, 2012

Review: MET-Rx Big 100 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Occasionally when I’m picking things to review, I come across something I’ve already had but never really bothered to think about. Or something I tried but never really gave a chance.

The MET-Rx Big 100 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bar falls into the latter category. I bought one more than a year ago, before I started caring about protein and stuff like that. I found it at the convenience store near my dorm, liked the look of the cookie dough on the wrapper, and thought, “Why not?” Then I took one bite of it and gave the rest to my dad (what are dads for?).

Well, when I picked up a bunch of other huge MET-Rx protein bars at Weis the other week, I saw this old friend again and decided to give it a second chance. After all, my tastes have evolved a little since then and I now respect protein bars for what they are, rather than holding them to impossible standards. So I bought on of these big guys.

Like all other MET-Rx bars, it’s huge! But it also has 28 grams of protein, which is impressive.

There’s no coating on this one, which really does make it look like a tube of cookie dough. That said, it also makes it pretty sticky. I always put these things on napkins for the pictures, and I often pay the advice: keep this in the wrapper, and if you get it on your hands don’t touch anything too valuable.

The inside is just the same (duh, no coating!) as the outside. This bar is very pliable, with a texture like a very soft Tootsie Roll that really isn’t that far off from real cookie dough (although definitely gummier). The chocolate chips a real and solid, giving a nice contrasting thud. Those little white blobs you can see in the mix aren’t rice crispies; they’re a harder crunch than that. As near as I can figure out, they’re little cookie pieces. Either way, they supplement the chocolate chips nicely.

As for taste, it really is very sweet. That said, there’s also a funny protein aftertaste, and it leaves your teeth feeling a little chalky. But when you are actively chewing, this bar is a very good approximation of cookie dough.

This bar doesn’t go for the candy-bar-like feel of the Peanut Butter Pretzel or Chocolate Roasted Peanut varieties; in fact, it kind of reminded me of a giant, less-healthy Quest bar. I was tempted to try it out in the microwave, but I wasn’t sure if it was meant for that  and thought better of it.

In closing: I’ve revised my biased opinion of this bar (to another biased opinion). Of course it doesn’t taste just like cookie dough. But it’s a passable replacement (not that I frequently eat whole tubes of cookie dough), and the components work really well together. I’m willing to put up with a little funny aftertaste for that--plus protein.

Taste: 8--almost cookie dough, with a bit of protein aftertaste.
Texture: 8--soft like cookie dough, but a little gummier and a lot stickier.
Health: 6--not the best in terms of saturated fat, sugar, or sodium. See GoodGuide’s summary, which gives this bar a 5.
Eat Again? Yeah, why not? It’s a good “dessert” replacement.

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