Saturday, October 20, 2012

Review: MET-Rx ProteinPlus Chocolate Roasted Peanut (with Caramel)

Remember my trip to Weis, in which I bought several varieties of enormous protein bars? Well, I already ate one of them, and I was looking around for a nighttime snack the other night when I remembered them again. This time, I pulled out the MET-RX ProteinPlus Chocolate Roasted Peanut bar.

As always with these monsters, the comparison shot. Maybe “snack” is the wrong word to use here...

There are some crack beginning in the chocolate coating, but it smells like legit quality milk chocolate so I’ll be forgiving here.

Wait, what? Caramel? Who said anything about caramel? Oh wait, it does say “with caramel” in small letters on the wrapper, right underneath “Chocolate Roasted Peanut.”Apparently I need to read my labels better. ;) But caramel is a bonus, and totally makes up for the Herculean task of breaking this bar in half (notice how mashed it is now, oops...).

The first two things I noticed about this bar are: 1) it’s really hard to chew, and 2) caramel! Let’s go with the good news first. This isn’t crappy caramel, it’s candy-bar quality caramel, and it really enhances the flavor. In fact at first it pretty much is the flavor. The chocolate coating belongs on a candy bar, too. But after the chocolate and caramel fade away, the protein base comes through, and it’s really just kind of...blah. There isn’t a bad aftertaste or anything, it just really does nothing for the overall experience. Plus, I despite consuming that entire enormous bar, I still can’t figure out where the peanuts came in. Unless the base was supposed to be peanut flavored.

Now, the texture...don’t eat this when you’re in a hurry! The coating does make a bit of a mess, and the base is really tough. I took my time, and my jaws still hurt from chewing it. I think they were going for a sort of gummy nougat thing, but it’s more of a tough brick of taffy. OK, not exactly, but it’s definitely a workout. If you want to feel justified about eating a “snack” this big, just think of all the calories you burn before you even swallow a bite!

Overall, I’d say this is another one leaning more toward candy than protein bar, but it’s nowhere near the Detour Cookie Dough Caramel Crisp or Supreme Protein Caramel Nut Chocolate in candy-ness. That said, it’s a little lighter on the calories, but I’m thinking that if you’re eating something this size in the first place you don’t really care about that.

Taste: 7.5--really caramelly at first, but the base is boring and the peanuts nonexistent. For 32 grams of protein though, not bad at all.
Texture: 6--good if you want to slow yourself down or muscle up your jaw.
Health: 7--I’m a bit biased in the area of protein bar nutritional profiles, but this one isn’t all the bad. GoodGuide notes saturated fats and sodium to watch, with a final score of 7.7 (among, of all things, “snacks”! ;)).
Eat Again? I doubt it.

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