Thursday, October 11, 2012

Review: thinkThin Dark Chocolate High Protein Bar

All right, amid all my studying, work, school, and horses I managed time for a quick review! The problem isn’t finding time to eat new things, it’s finding time to write about them...and trying to be coherent about it while my mind is crammed with angles and lines and deprived of sleep.

Nevertheless, here goes with a new experiment: How well can I describe the thinkThin Dark Chocolate protein bar in this state?

This bar, unlike the others I’ve tried from thinkThin, is covered in dark rather than milk chocolate. Seems fairly obvious given the name, but with some companies you never know, so it’s nice to have visual consistency.

You might see some whitish tinges to the coating...that would be my fault. I let this bar sit in the basement far too long--I actually bought it in Virginia Beach months ago.

So I wasn’t all that surprised when it put up a fight about being broken. But on the plus side, it does look pretty rich and dark on the inside. I think I see some dark chocolate chips, but I’m not sure.

Well, what did surprise me was that even though this bar wasn’t, by most standards, “fresh,” I loved the texture. Despite being hard to break, it was really thick and fudgy, if just a little chalky once you got past the initial bites. Very dense, very satisfying--I applaud thinkThin’s shelf life! Of course it’s not just like fudge, but it’s really close.

I also think the dark chocolate worked better with the protein base. There was much less bitter/sour aftertaste with this bar than with the other flavors, which was another unexpected twist because usually the ones based on chocolate are the worst offenders. I believe it has to do with the use of dark chocolate, which naturally has a little more bitterness anyway. So yes, there was a bit of underlying protein-ness, but it was very subtle. Again, thumbs up.

Overall, this was my favorite thinkThin bar so far, although I haven’t come close to trying their whole lineup. It was almost like eating a store-bought fudge brownie. Of course you’re not going to forget that you’re eating something protein-based, but for me, I’m willing to make the exchange. Now, if only they sold this flavor in State College!

Taste: 8--still a bit of protein taste, but very subtle; mostly like a brownie.
Texture: 10--thick and fudgy, with minimal “chalk.”
Health: 9--no sugar, high protein. GoodGuide gives it a green light on everything except saturated fat, for a total health score of 6.2.
Eat Again? Yeah, if I could get them locally.

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