Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review: thinkThin White Chocolate High Protein Bar

I love chocolate--all kinds. I have chocolate moods. Good old solid milk chocolate is a failsafe. Dark chocolate is for when I’m not feeling quite so in need of sugar. And white chocolate is a rare treat because (1) we hardly ever have it in the house, and (2) its unique flavor is best enjoyed in small, infrequent quantities because yes, it can be a little “funny.”

So I was intrigued by how it would go with thinkThin’s protein bars. Based in my previous experiences, milk chocolate isn’t the best pair for their protein base, but dark chocolate certainly succeeded. So how will our third variety fare? Here we go with the thinkThin White Chocolate protein bar:

It looks very unassuming. It reminds me of a yogurt coating...oh how I love yogurt coatings....

I really like the contrasting colors here--white outside, light brown inside. If you look closely you can see darker spots, which I believe may be chocolate chips. So maybe the whole thing isn’t white chocolate, but we all know that with protein bars the coating is likely to be the star of the show.

That’s mostly the case here. Basically this bar is a sort-of-chocolate flavored base covered in white chocolate. It’s certainly no worse than  any other chocolate protein base, but I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s better either. I still get a bit of sour aftertaste, but it’s not as prevalent as with the milk chocolate and peanut butter flavors. I did find that the bigger the bite you take, the less aftertaste you get and the more it tastes like white chocolate. Which, by the way, earns my approval. The coating here is excellent! Overall, not bad for being gluten- and sugar-free!

This bar also has a really nice, soft, cookie-like texture that sort of crumbles in your mouth. I could see where someone picky might call it a little dry, but I think it’s fine just the way it is. The thing about white chocolate is that it’s often softer (especially in comparison to dark chocolate), which is the case with the coating here. It has a very, very subtle shell-like texture; you can tell it’s there but it doesn’t crunch or otherwise interfere with the overall soft-cookie vibe.

Despite the aftertaste, I actually really enjoyed this bar. It was satisfying--both to my macros and my belly!--and in a pinch I think it would satisfy my chocolate craving, at least for a while. ;) thinkThin, along with Quest and Life Choice, is definitely one of my go-to protein bars.

Taste: 8--still a bit of protein taste, but very subtle; mostly like a brownie.
Texture: 10--thick and fudgy, with minimal “chalk.”
Health: 9--as always, thinkThin is gluten- and sugar-free, but beware of sugar alcohols. GoodGuide rates it at a 7.2, with mild warnings about sodium and saturated fat.
Eat Again? Yes.

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