Monday, October 8, 2012


I feel so free! Yesterday I finally got the packing removed from my incision, and you wouldn’t believe how good it feels! It doesn’t sting when I press on it, in fact there really aren’t any sore spots at all when I feel around back there. There’s just something about not having a piece of white gauze hanging out of a hole in your back that is liberating. And then the fact that I don’t have to shower upside-down and backwards anymore.

The doctor I saw yesterday voiced the thought that it may not have been a cyst, especially since it never drained (that I knew of; not sure what came out on the gauze dressings). I have spina bifida occulta, which is a harmless form of the disease--it just means the lower vertebrae didn’t completely close. The doctor thought it was possible that some spinal fluid-type thing was involved, and suggested an ultrasound if it ever happened again. Just in case. Fingers crossed that it never happens again.

So, I got to ride Sydney today. I also watched while Peter finally picked up the left lead under saddle! That was a big moment because we’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to do it for months, maybe even closer to a year. Hopefully something clicked with him today, you just never know.

In other exciting news, I crashed my bike rather spectacularly on my way across campus this afternoon. Luckily I landed on some plant-like thing that, while a bit prickly, was also softer than asphalt. And, I’m happy to report no injuries this time (knock on wood that something doesn’t pop up overnight ;)). So maybe I’m not such a hopeless case after all.

On the school side, I have a big exam coming up that I’d really like to pass so I can get my Math minor (oh yeah, and Comp Sci major). So I can’t say how much I’ll be blogging this week. It depends on my ability to stay focused on geometry. Maybe I’ll sneak in a quick review of the Pythagorean Theorem.... :-/
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