Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ben & Jerry, Red Velvet Edition (An Ice Cream Review)

You know it’s been a good weekend when Ben and Jerry make an appearance. Even if it started out badly (which it didn’t, by the way :)), these two have a way of making things better.

This time I revisited yet another old favorite for the purposes of this, I seem to have a lot of “old favorites”, almost every flavor I’ve ever tried! Anyway, this weekend’s adventure was Red Velvet Cake. Is it just me or are Ben and Jerry losing their creative touch when it comes to naming pints?

“Red Velvet Cake Batter Ice Cream with Red Velvet Cake Pieces & a Cream Cheese Frosting Swirl”
You’ll notice that’s red velvet cake batter, which is important. It’s what makes this ice cream so amazing. Most of the other red velvet flavors out there are just cake flavored. But everyone knows it’s the batter that’s the best part...that’s why we lick the bowl! ;)

What a nice pastel pink! If I didn’t know better I’d take it for strawberry ice cream, but those dark pink pieces you see are most definitely cake, and the whole thing smells sweet.

OK, I’ll cut right to the chase and say that this flavor is excellent. But then again, I’m partial to anything raw (cookie dough, brownie batter, etc.), so take that with a grain of salt. Either way, the ice cream itself is super dense and creamy, melting just enough for a mouthwatering texture without turning into a puddle of milk before you have a chance to eat it. Oh yeah, it’s also SWEET. It basically tastes just like licking batter out of the bowl.

What about the cream cheese frosting swirl? Well, I’m not sure. I couldn’t see any evidence of it, but I may have tasted a little cream cheese vibe somewhere in there. I’m more of a buttercream person, so it’s no huge loss for me, and maybe someone with more refined cream-cheese taste buds would be able to pick it out.

As for the cake bits, they’re not frozen at all, but rather soft and moist. Almost as if they soaked up some creaminess from the ice cream. As you can see, they’re very well-distributed throughout the pint. Some are big chunks, a la typical Ben & Jerry’s, but there are an awful lot of little flecks too. These pieces don’t add much, maybe a little texture and flavor, but they’re more aesthetic. They also make this one far superior to B&J’s Cake Batter.

I’ve always loved all things cake batter, and this is no exception. It’s one of my top Ben & Jerry’s picks, and I’m not just saying that because I say it every time. This time, I mean it. It’s like mixing up cake batter just to eat it, only without all the work. What could be better?

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