Friday, November 23, 2012

Friendly's Butter Crunch Ice Cream, Meet Turkey Hill Baklava Frozen Greek Yogurt

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! As I’m still trying to recover from the three kinds of pie I ate last night, I decided to make this post cream!

OK, I’ve been eyeing these two up in the Weis by the YMCA for weeks now, every time I walk by the freezer aisle to get Greek yogurt. Well, I finally just gave in and bought the carton of Friendly’s Butter Crunch ice cream that was staring me down relentlessly, because I knew that until I tried it, I would just keep drooling at it through the glass.

This is for you maple lovers out there. (I love the color!)

“Our Rich & Creamy premium butter and maple flavored ice cream with butter crunch candy pieces.”
It’s an accurate description. This is definitely premium ice cream, it’s super creamy and easy to scoop (and keep scooping...).  It has a really strong maple flavor, so if you’re like me and can’t have maple syrup around because you drown your pancakes, this is definitely for you. The candy pieces are crunchy like toffee and just intensify the maple flavor. They are also quite plentiful.

Now, the other one that’s been torturing me from behind the freezer glass is Turkey Hill’s Baklava frozen Greek yogurt. I was a bit reluctant to buy it because I’ve never tried Greek frozen yogurt before and I was afraid it would be too tangy for me. But I read the description...

“Vanilla GREEK frozen yogurt with crunchy baklava pieces and a honey cinnamon swirl.”
Well, I had to Google “baklava,” but the swirl had me hooked anyway.

This one is a lot different in texture--very solid and harder to scoop. Even though it’s not as creamy, it’s just as good as the Friendly’s. The baklava pieces are sweet and cinnamony and have the same crunch as the candy in Friendly’s ice cream. The swirl is well distributed, although there are some liquid puddles of it in places. No matter, though, it just adds a really sweet element! I couldn’t taste any Greek yogurt tang at all. In fact, it reminded me of cinnamon streusel and maybe--dare I even say it?--Ben & Jerry’s Cinnamon Buns on a less rich scale.

No, neither one contains chocolate. Maybe I’m finally learning to love other flavors, too. ;) But they’re still great ice creams. Which I will definitely not put off buying ever again. They are coming back as soon as I finish these cartons!
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