Sunday, November 18, 2012

Papa's in the House!

OK, just a real quick post. I have to demo my iPad app for the people I’m developing it for this week, so I’m busy making absolutely sure it’s not going to crash halfway through. Between that and crossing my fingers, I’m just ready for Thanksgiving!

I’m also ready! Well, I was, last night anyway. Actually this craving started earlier this week, ever since I learned that Papa John’s makes a Spinach Alfredo pizza. I have to admit that I’ve never had anything other than a plain cheese pizza before in my life, not even before I became vegetarian. And Papa John’s cheese pizza is one of my favorites. But then I read the description:

“This irresistible pizza has a rich and creamy blend of spinach and garlic Parmesan Alfredo sauce.”
Ohhh. If there’s one improvement you could make on pizza in general, it would be the sauce. It’s my least favorite part. And buttery alfredo sauce would definitely be an improvement! Thus my cravings started.

And finally, last night they were answered! My dad (my hero) picked up this thin-crust Spinach Alfredo pizza when he went to Wegmans last night:

I think I spent almost as much time drooling over it and trying to decide which was the best piece as I did actually eating it. But I waited three days for this pizza, and it was going to be perfect!

OK, we all know nothing is perfect, but this thing came pretty darn close. In fact the only better pizza I’ve had was in Virginia Beach this summer (because, I’m sorry, you just can’t beat those aliens). The thin crust was crispy, which I generally wouldn’t prefer, but for some reason it worked really well on this pizza. There was cheese everywhere. The spinach was there but not overwhelming, which was a relief because come on, when I get a pizza I get it for the cheese! The alfredo sauce took a few bites to get used to, but after that it was even better than your average pizza sauce. It was heavenly. And the best part? There are still two pieces left!

The only downside is the cost: $15.99. A plain cheese thin-crust would have been $10.99. But I think it was justified. And totally worth the wait.
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