Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Review: GNC Pro Performance Deluxe Oatmeal Protein Bar Glazed Cinnamon Roll

Whew. That has to be the longest post title in the history of blogs. Sorry if I already lost you, especially since this bar is worth it.

Up till last week, I’ve never actually bought anything from GNC. I usually only ever go in there with free coupons, which is actually what I did last week, but they didn’t carry the brand I wanted. Anyway, it was buy three/get one free on protein bars, so I decided to try a couple new ones. Being a lover of Quest’s Cinnamon Roll bar, I naturally gravitated right toward the GNC Pro Performance Glazed Cinnamon Roll oatmeal protein bar.

It may not look as big as some of the other 400-calorie, 30-grams-of-protein monsters out there, but trust me, this thing is a brick. It’s tall and wide, heavy, and solid...very substantial. The icing puts you in mind of a cinnamon bun, although it’s annoying about crumbling off the bar and making a mess. Oh, and the thing legitimately smells like cinnamon rolls. I mean, really.

You can see the texture is going to be pretty consistent the whole way through. There’s also no coating, and the box in the store advertised them as microwaveable, so I’m hoping it’ll be sort of like a Quest bar.

OK, I was thinking with the weight and the fact that I got this bar from the basement on a below-freezing November evening, that it would be tough to chew. I know my Quest bars do that sometimes when I keep them in my backpack and then bike to class, and I have to sit on them to warm them up...sorry, too much information, right? Anyway, no such problem here. It’s really soft, even without microwaving. There’s a little bit of oatmeal vibe from the texture, but not much. It was chewy enough that you won’t blow right through it but it’s not tiring at all.

And it also tastes pretty much like a cinnamon roll. It actually reminds me of the new Keebler Cinnabon cookies, or the ButterBraid bread we made a few nights ago. Very well done. The icing also tastes great--very sweet--and I like the crusty texture it adds, but it has an annoying habit of sticking to your upper lip if you eat the bar right side up and falling off if you don’t.

Of course, I had to microwave the last bit. It gets even softer, almost gooey but not quite. In the danger zone because now you could definitely blow right through it. But the cinnamon flavor doesn’t seem as strong anymore, although the icing comes through even stronger and loses some of its crustiness.

This is now another one of my favorites, but it’s going to be a dessert replacement rather than meal supplement because of the calorie load. I’ve got another flavor waiting in the wings that just became a priority to try, too. ;)

Taste: 10--this is really just like a cinnamon roll.
Texture: 10--soft and chewy, and almost gooey in the microwave.
Health: 8--only 6 grams of sugar, but it still has a lot of carbs if you’re concerned about that. Still, a thousand times better than an actual cinnamon roll!
Eat Again? Yes.

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