Saturday, November 3, 2012

Review: Luna Fiber Bar Vanilla Blueberry

All right, so if you remember from a while back, I received a free Luna Fiber bar (Peanut Butter Strawberry) in the mail, along with a coupon for $0.50 off another one. So of course I ran to Wegmans and bought the Vanilla Blueberry version this time, brought it home, and promptly...let it get lost swimming amongst all the other bars I have pending review.

Well, I finally dug it up again, and  it appears none the worse for the wear:

“Soft baked vanilla goodness filled with bountiful blueberries, topped with a sweet sprinkle”
Like I said in the first review, these are small (to me, anyway; more of a snack than a breakfast)--smaller than a Nutri-Grain bar (which I don’t like), but similar in construction. I didn’t smell blueberries until I broke it open, and even then I had to get pretty close for a whiff.

It smells like your basic blueberry filling, what you’d find in aforementioned Nutri-Grain bars. It also looks like a relatively thin filling. It’s sort of like jelly, only...not. It’s more like goop; in fact, at one point a whole hunk of it popped right out at once, leaving a nice empty slit in the dough part!

It tastes pretty much like what you’d expect--definitely blueberry, definitely artificially sweet. I don’t know if I’d label it “vanilla,” but then again it’s gotta be hard to flavor a baked whole-grain bar like vanilla since that’s such an unassuming, mild flavor. This would basically be a mini Nutri-Grain bar, except for the texture. It is more cookie-like, dense and soft, and the coarse sugar on top gives it a nice burst of sweetness along with some grit.

Overall, it was pretty good, but it didn’t knock my socks off. I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat it again, especially since with the size I’d need two to really fill me up. But for a light snack (110 calories) with some fiber (7 grams), if you want something fruity this would probably do it.

Taste: 7--basically a Nutri-Grain bar: artificial blueberry goo inside a soft whole grain cookie-ish bar.
Texture: 9--soft like a cookie with added grit from the sugar.
Health: 9--if you like to keep it light, this is for you. It’s also a good way to jump-start your fiber intake.
Eat Again? Probably not, unless it was free. ;)

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