Monday, November 19, 2012

Review: MET-Rx ProteinPlus Chocolate Chocolate Chunk

You’ll be relieved to know that after this post, I’m out of MET-Rx bars for now. Unless there’s somewhere else in State College that carries different flavors, I’ve run through all the local varieties. Which is a shame because I really do enjoy their enormous size when I'm feeling really hungry. But anyway, back to the review at hand! Can the Chocolate Chocolate Chunk bar from the ProteinPlus line give them a proper send-off?

Your standard chocolate-coated, mammoth protein bar on the outside...

...and your standard chocolate-flavored protein bar on the inside. I’m not sure where the “chunks” are, because all I can see is the chocolate. There’s chocolate coating. Then there’s the chocolate protein base. And, if you look really hard, you can see a third chocolate layer. It’s on top of the base, and it’s slightly creamier than the coating. That’s three layers of chocolate, and no chunk. So maybe “Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate” is a better name for this bar.

OK, the biggest thing about this bar was the amount of effort I had to put into eating it. I’m all for a good workout but not when it comes to my food, and this thing is really hard. Aside from the coating and creamy layer, the base is basically a big brick. You have to take really small bites, or else you’ll be chewing forever. I could almost feel my front teeth moving out of place with every bite.

It was also a little dry, but at least there was no aftertaste. Then again there wasn’t really any actual taste from the base layer, either; it was mostly the coating and creamy stuff. But that at least means it tastes for the most part like chocolate, although I’m starting to wonder if I got a stale one. I feel like it was supposed to be chewy, like the other MET-Rx ProteinPlus bars. I’d be interested to try another one and compare.

Taste: 6--the base doesn’t really taste like much, but at least there’s no aftertaste either.
Texture: 5--it’s like trying to eat a brick.
Health: 7--on the plus side, it has 32 grams of protein and only 1 gram of sugar...but with 28 grams of sugar alcohols, you might be clearing the room after eating this bar. It’s also a little hefty on saturated fat. GoodGuide gives it a 7.7.
Eat Again? Maybe, to see if this one was just stale.

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