Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Review: MET-Rx ProteinPlus Creamy Cookie Crisp

Big day today! I hope all of you hit the polling stations...every vote counts!

Now, are you ready for another monster protein bar? Let’s just say I was really hungry, lacking in protein at the end of the day, and longing for chocolate. So I raided my stash of MET-Rx bars and came up with...

ProteinPlus Creamy Cookie Crisp!

If you’re thinking that sounds a lot like the Super Cookie Crunch I had earlier (from the Colossal line), you wouldn’t be far off. But there are a few key differences.

First off, it’s chocolate coated, unlike the other one which just had a layer of chocolate on the bottom and white “cream” on top. Here, everything is deceptively hidden inside that milk chocolate shell...

But it’s all still there. On first glance, the components appear to be mostly the same: dark protein/cookie sort of layer, cream, and milk chocolate. The bar has a bit of a fake smell, so I was a little wary at first. When I broke it, though, the shell was surprisingly fragile on top--a testament to the gooeyness of the “cream” filling. I’d compare it to marshmallow fluff, only it’s off-white instead of, well, white. It just looks mouthwatering.

It’s also, in my opinion, the best part of the bar. But really, all the elements come together perfectly for a real cookies & cream experience (if you remember that you’re also eating 30 grams of protein, not real Oreos). The “crisp” layer is a lot like the Super Cookie Crunch bar, like soft Oreos in texture and chocolatey enough. The marshmallow kind of stuff is fluffy and very sweet, which is a nice contrast (and great for a sugar junkie like me). It’s much better than the white stuff on top of the Super Cookie Crunch bar. The chocolate coating isn’t very thick, but in this case it works because the other components are the ones that are really supposed to shine. The coating just makes it feel more like a candy bar without totally overwhelming the real stars. No need to mention the aftertaste, because there isn
’t one.

I continue to be impressed by the taste (if not the overall nutrition) of these MET-Rx bars. A lot of them really are like candy bars, although I have yet to find one to beat the Detour Cookie Dough Caramel Crisp in that department. Still, this was a really close approximation of an Oreo dessert, so I say...if it fits into your diet, try it! This is definitely a WIN on taste!

Taste: 9--almost, almost cookies & cream. I really enjoyed the gooey cream.
Texture: 8--like soft Oreos coated in just enough chocolate, with a gooey layer on top...if you’re not hungry, you should be!
Health: 7--30 grams of protein, and less hefty on the calories than the Big 100 line. Still, it’s not the best profile out there. As of now, GoodGuide only has partial data for this product, but it does warn about the saturated fat.
Eat Again? Yes!

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