Friday, November 16, 2012

Review: Promax Cookies & Cream Energy Bar

So, State College finally got a Trader Joe’s on November 9th. Guess how I spent my Friday night? Weaving through a very crowded discount store, on opening night, that’s how! It was crazy in there, almost impossible to move while carrying a basket full of food. It was so overwhelming that I didn’t buy nearly as much as I was expecting. But that’s OK, it just means another trip later! ;)

So anyway, imagine my excitement when they had a whole wall of nutrition bars, many of which I’d never seen before! I had a hard time choosing, but the crush of people forced me to limit my choices. I did grab some promising ones, and among them was this Promax Cookies & Cream energy bar.

It’s another big one, like the MET-Rx and Detour bars I’ve reviewed, but being an “energy bar,” it has less protein (20 grams, which is what I usually get out of my normal-sized protein bars). It’s also not as tall as those other behemoths, though comparable in length. Sort of like an elongated thinkThin bar.

OK, I love white coatings. And looking at the ingredients list, this one says “yogurt flavored.” Score!! I love yogurt-flavored white coatings even more. :) The downside is that this one looks thin--I can see from here that the inside is brown because it shows through.

A real look at the inside is a bit disappointing. I was thinking of cookies & cream--a light base with cookie bits swirled around in there. This actually looks a little boring, but I guess appearance isn’t important as long as it tastes good...

My first impression was of cocoa. Not exactly cookies & cream, but not bad either. But after the initial taste, it gets a little protein-y. You know what I mean, there’s something slightly funky going on underneath it all. I’ve had similar experiences with some of the Balance Bars, and while I can put up with it, some people might be turned away. But honestly, if you keep going it’s actually a pretty enjoyable bar. By the end of it I was liking the combination of the melty coating and the base. In fact, by the end of it I was reminded of the Life Choice Cookies & Cream energy bar, which still remains one of my favorites.

It helps that the bar is pretty soft, not gummy like a lot of protein bars. It’s almost cakey and very easy to eat. There are chocolate chips scattered about in the base, or maybe they’re little cookie pieces since this is, after all, supposed to be cookies & cream. They aren’t that noticeable but they do add some nice variety. I overlooked them at first because they’re hard to see with the dark color of the bar.

Is it cookies & cream? Maybe, if you stretch it a little. But is it good? Yeah. Definitely worth a try if you’re into this kind of thing.

Taste: 8--not quite cookies & cream, more of a cocoa flavor with a bit of funny aftertaste that’s not too hard to overlook.
Texture: 8--soft like cake, with UCO’s (unidentified chocolate objects) adding crunch.
Health: 6.5--the wrapper says “energy bar,” although it does contain a lot of protein...if you’re wondering where the energy comes from, it’s probably the whopping 30 grams of sugar.
Eat Again? Maybe.

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