Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review: Pure Protein Bar S'mores

OK, I know my last (and so far, only) Pure Protein review wasn’t glowing. But when I bought that one I also bought one other flavor, so I wasn’t just going to let it sit there, wasting I dug out the Pure Protein S’mores bar and gave it a shot.

Like before, it’s not that big. That one bar contains 180 calories and 19 grams o f protein.

“Is there anything more heavenly than the chocolate and marshmallow flavor of S’Mores?”
But oh, does that marshmallow stuff look delicious! I’m starting to get a better feeling about this one, since it’s so gooey. I did sniff that marshmallow stuff, and it’s very sweet--a good sign.

And very prophetic. The first thing you taste is strictly a milk chocolate/marshmallow mix. I was really surprised, but less so when it didn’t last. Keep chewing and the base starts to come through. I have a feeling it’s a bit like the base from the Chewy Chocolate Chip in that it’s sort of bitter, but the sweet marshmallow almost covers it up. I can definitely detect a protein taste, but in reality it’s not unlike other bars I usually eat, and I think I could get used to it.

I already commented on how gooey the marshmallow is (think marshmallow fluff!), but the base is, by contrast, gummy and chewy. If you take a big bite you might have some trouble, but at the same time with something that’s not that large, I want it to keep me occupied for a while, so I didn’t mind too much.

Overall, I’m not sure if this bar makes my list, but it’s certainly lightyears ahead of the Chewy Chocolate Chip bar--mostly thanks to the marshmallow. It’s easily the best part; the base could use some work. That said, I could probably make a case for coming back to it in the future.

Taste: 8--the base still needs some work, but the marshmallow is sweet enough to cover it up.
Texture: 8--the marshmallow is deliciously gooey, but the base is gummy and chewy, which could result in tired jaws.
Health: 8--it does have a lot of protein, but it also has sugar alcohols, so watch out.
Eat Again? Maybe.

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