Monday, November 26, 2012

Review: Pure Protein Bar Peanut Marshmallow Eclipse

OK, with two Pure Protein bars under my belt, we have one success and one...well, I was trying to come up with a nicer word than failure, but I, uh, failed.

Anyway, the S’mores bar was the better of the two by far, mainly because of the marshmallow. So when I was the Peanut Marshmallow Eclipse bar at Weis, I reacted instinctively and snatched it up, remembering just how fluffy and sweet that marshmallow layer was.

That was a bit of a shock. I was expecting a chocolate coating, but now I realize that the packaging never really said anything about chocolate at all. The peanut butter coloring is perfectly acceptable, and it even has me exciting thinking that this could be something like a Fluffernutter, or my own PB & Peeps concoctions.

I am not disappointed by the marshmallow--it’s as soft and fluffy as ever and is obviously going to compete with the coating as the star of the bar here. The base is also peanut butter colored, but I’m not holding out much hope for it given previous experiences.

Yup, it’s pretty much just as I expected. As before, the base is less than stellar, sort of sour and distinctly proteiny, although bearable when combined with the other layers. Is also leaves a bit of a gritty powder feel in your mouth, which is slightly annoying. The biggest disappointment was that only once throughout the whole bar (which isn’t really that big, by the way) did I get a vague hint of something that might be peanut.

That said, once again the marshmallow was very sweet and made up for the base somewhat. It did a good job of masking the not-so-pleasant taste of protein. The coating wasn’t a huge player, but it was inoffensive and nice to look at.

In texture, it was the typical gummy, chewy protein bar. I liked that the coating didn’t make a mess, and it was easy enough to eat. Almost too easy, considering the size and the fact that it would have been gone in about two minutes if I didn’t force myself to slow down and think about it so I could write this review.

In the end, this bar is inoffensive enough, and I could see myself eating it again if I needed a protein boost. But I still think there are more satisfying bars out there, so I don’t think this will be a regular.

Taste: 7--doesn’t taste like peanuts, and the base is obviously protein. But the marshmallow helps.
Texture: 8--fluffy marshmallow on top of your typical gummy protein bar.
Health: 8--why do all these bars have sugar alcohols? Still, not a bad trade off for 19 grams of protein, in my opinion.
Eat Again? Maybe.

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