Saturday, November 10, 2012

Review: Quest Bar Lemon Cream Pie

OK, bittersweet moment...I have officially tried every flavor of Quest bar, which means there won’t be any more left to put me in eager suspense. On the other hand, I found another awesome protein bar and finished off wonder why on earth I waited so long to try this one.

So, why did I wait so long? That’s easy--I don’t like lemon, so Lemon Cream Pie never appealed to me. Boston Cream Pie--yeah, I’m all over it. Chocolate pie, apple pie, blueberry or strawberry...I’m not that picky. But lemons are just sour. They’re one of those fruits--like oranges--that I would not add to my desserts.

Well, here we have it. It surprised me by looking almost exactly like the Coconut Cashew bars. Only there’s no mistaking the flavor because it definitely smells like lemons. But there’s a sweet hint to it too...interesting.

It was love at first bite. OK, not quite. But I did enjoy it a lot more than I expected. Far from being sour, it actually tasted just like pound cake with a hint of sweet lemon icing. So the smell was certainly a good indicator, which I’ve found is generally true with Quest bars. That, and what they put on the label is usually pretty accurate. No deviations here.

The best part is the texture: pretty much a dense cookie. It’s soft, success. That said, it still doesn’t top my list of favorites, simply because I still like cinnamon and coconut and peanut butter and chocolate better than lemons. But the fact that I enjoyed it is an amazing feat in itself.

Wait, I almost forgot the microwave test! Actually I was loving the overall experience so much that I was reluctant to even try heating this one up, so I just tore off a small piece and nuked it for about 10 seconds. The results were mixed. On one hand, the texture was just absolutely amazing! It got gooey and soft like a (lemony) brownie just out of the oven. Five stars. But on the other hand, it seemed to lose some of its flavor. It definitely wasn’t as sweet as at room temperature, and the lemons lost their potency. Since the texture and taste were already so well-done, I think I’ll skip the microwave next time.

Taste: 9--it’s like pound cake with lemon icing. Very sweet, definitely makes you feel like you’re eating dessert.
Texture: 10--very soft and chewy, like a cookie. Heated up it gets decadently gooey, but at the expense of the taste.
Health: 10--eating just one of these, you don’t need to worry about fiber or protein. It’s one of the cleanest protein bars out there.
Eat Again? Yes, in fact it already went into my next order!

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