Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Review: Quest Cravings Peanut Butter Cups, Part II

What a big day yesterday! Quite possibly one of the biggest of my life.

...Oh, you thought I was talking about the Presidential election? Well, I guess my first time voting for our commander-in-chief is a big deal too. But I was actually referring to the arrival of my new box of improved, final-formulation Quest Cravings Peanut Butter Cups!

That’s right. The amazing people at Quest resent another box--free--to everyone who ordered the protoypes (which I reviewed earlier) as a thank-you for providing feedback.

Anyway, I’ve been seeing comments all over their Facebook page about how much better these are than the prototypes (one of the downsides of living in Pennsylvania when you order from a California-based company is you get your stuff last!), so I was pretty anxious to give them a try.

They already look better. If you remember, my other ones were a little warped (although they had sat outside on a warm day, to be fair). The chocolate also smells less bitter and more like what you’d get on a real piece of candy.

Success! It looks just like a peanut butter cup on the inside, too (and smells like one!). What you can’t see (but is just as important if not more so) is that this baby popped right out of the plastic cup and didn’t crumble or fall apart like the first version. The bottom of it is even oily, like a Reese’s. Looks promising.

Ultimately, this is a big improvement. No, it’s still not a Reese’s, but you can’t expect it to be. But it does have a strong chocolate/peanut butter taste with a good ratio between the two, and the chocolate is now almost on par with pure milk chocolate. To be honest, I didn’t mind the more bitter dark-chocolate tint to the prototype, so the taste didn’t totally floor me. That said, the bigger the bite, the more peanut buttery it was.

The biggest improvement came in the texture. Like I said, no falling apart and minimal flaking. It was also a lot less dry than the original, although the filling still left me wishing for a glass of water. The other thing I noticed was that the rim was very, very solid. When I tried to break my cup in half I almost popped the middle right out! I know some people eat their Reese’s this way, but it’s not exactly conducive to blogging photo-ops. ;)

But overall, I’d say this is more than adequate as a healthier peanut butter cup replacement. And for those who weren’t crazy about the prototype’s bitterness, this is going to be a pleasant surprise.

Quest is also reformulating the Chocolate Crunch Cravings bar and sending a free box--hopefully sometime soon!--for which I’m extremely grateful. Kudos to this great company for taking our feedback and running with it--far beyond the mark!

Taste: 10--basically, a peanut butter cup. Which is pretty darn impressive considering it’s technically not candy.
Texture: 8.5--much improved over its drier predecessor, but I would still have a drink nearby. The edges are a little hard and crunchy, but the cup holds together nicely.
Health: 9--for roughly the same calorie content as two Reese’s, you can have your peanut butter cups and 21 grams of protein, too.
Eat Again? Yes, another good protein “dessert” to add to my arsenal. Also a nice break from protein bars all the time.

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