Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Review: Supreme Protein Carb Conscious Peanut Butter Crunch

OK, I know this is only my second Supreme Protein review, but I’ve already come to see them as candy-protein bars rather than “clean” protein bars. That said, you know I can’t stay away from these gargantuan sugary treats, I just seem to be going through a phase where bigger is better. Which is partly why I found myself eating this 86-gram Supreme Protein Carb Conscious Peanut Butter Crunch bar. That, and because I wanted peanut butter, didn’t want to dig into the leftover Halloween candy, and was too lazy to make myself a peanut butter-and-Peeps sandwich.

Like I said, it’s big, so it should at least curb your appetite.

OK, I can definitely see the “crunch”--I’m assuming it refers to those rice crispies you can see through the chocolate coating on the top. And I can smell the peanut butter, although it’s not the pure peanut butter smell you’d get from sticking your nose inside a jar of Jif (yes, I do this sometimes). But I’ve found that a lot of products labeled “peanut butter” just don’t meet my picky standards.

The inside looks a lot like a souped-up Reese’s. There’s a base protein layer, a creamy layer above that, and then the chocolate coating. I love the peanut butter coloring here. But when I broke it in half for this picture, there was a BIG snap--no flexibility, just brittle resistance. It was sort of like breaking a carrot. So I took that as a bit of an ominous sign and proceeded with caution.

Well, let’s just say it’s not the easiest thing to eat. But then again, neither is peanut butter when you get right down to it.... Anyway, the main issue here is that it’s really hard to chew. The coating and creamy layer are fine, in fact they’re great. But the protein base is, like the ominous snap foreshadowed, a cross between a brick and a Laffy Taffy. It’s tough to bite and kind of dry, although it has a weird way of moistening and expanding in your mouth. The other issue is mess: the coating kept chipping off and getting all over my lap, keyboard, floor, couch, etc. The bar gets stuck all over your mouth, which I guess is sort of like peanut butter in that you’ll be wanting a glass of milk (if you like milk) to un-stick everything from everything else.

OK, on to taste. I can’t say it’s not peanut buttery, though of course not like real peanut butter. If you take a big-ish bite (please, not too big or you’ll never be able to chew it!), the peanut butter flavor comes through even stronger. It’s no mildly sweet peanut butter, it’s more down-to-earth and maybe a little on the bitter side. The creamy layer seems to hold most of the peanut butter flavor. But there’s no aftertaste and I’ll be darned if I can tell it’s supposed to be a protein bar (aside from the texture). I will say that after my initial bites, the second half definitely seemed more peanut buttery.

This bar was a mixed bag. It certainly satisfied my peanut butter craving, but at the same time I would have liked a little less work for my snack. I mean, I picked this because I was too lazy to make a sandwich! The texture here really slows you down because you cannot chew this bar fast. Just trust me. But I’d still call it a success overall. That’s how much I love peanut butter.

Taste: 9--it’s pretty much peanut butter surrounded by chocolate.
Texture: 6--the coating is messy and the base is could keep you busy for a day or two. And that’s not including the time you spend trying to unstick your mouth. On the plus side, the creamy peanut butter layer is prime candy bar fare.
Health: 7--high protein, but also high in sugar alcohols
Eat Again? Maybe, but there are better options out there.

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