Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ben & Jerry's Half Baked Froyo (An Ice Cream Review)

Frozen yogurt is just one of those things. Sometimes it’s well-done, and you’re in the mood, and it really hits the spot. Other times...well, it’s just not ice cream.

Ben & Jerry are practically world famous for their rich, creamy, fatty ice cream. I can attest to its amazingness, especially the ultimate calorie bombs like Cinnamon Buns and Phish Food. The thing is, I absolutely love the Phish Food Froyo, as well as the full-fat version. So I should enjoy the Half Baked Froyo, right? What’s not to love about

cookie dough and brownies in chocolate and vanilla frozen yogurt that has a fraction of the fat?

Hmm, it appears to have been traveling on its side when it melted slightly and refroze. Oops, that’s the last time I stop for gas when there’s ice cream in the front seat.

Well anyway, I couldn’t really decide what I was in the mood for, so I decided to go with this mix of two classics (Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough). I figured you can’t go wrong, so I scooped most of the pint.

Well, let’s just say it wasn’t Ben & Jerry’s. I mean, technically it was, but not in the spirit of artery-clogging ice cream. It just didn’t quite hit the spot and left me feeling a bit empty. It had a bit of an icy texture, sort of like the ancient pint of Chocolate Fudge Brownie I unearthed a while ago. You have to sort of let it melt, otherwise it just sort of fractures when you spoon it up instead of being creamy. I ended up dousing my bowl in caramel syrup.

Still, the yogurt is pretty flavorful. The chocolate is decent, though it’s light and not as deep or dark as the full-fat chocolate. The vanilla isn’t plain, either, it has its own distinct flavor. And the mix-ins are both big and plentiful. It’s hard to get a scoop without a brownie or hunk of cookie dough, and they are both soft and flavorful. The brownies are really chewy and chocolatey, although they have a bit of funny flavor that I can’t really describe. But they’re very fudgy. The cookie dough is hands down the best part--gritty and brown-sugary. I ended up saving as much of it as I could for last.

So basically, you’re eating this for the mix-ins, and at that rate for the cookie dough. It just wasn’t that exciting to me, and the so-so yogurt didn’t help. Perhaps the full-fat version would be better (I may have had it in the distant past but I’m not positive). Either way, the only Ben & Jerry’s Froyo I’ve had any success with is the Phish Food...which, luckily, I have a pint of in the freezer right now. ;)

So unless you really like froyo, I’d say the extra fat and calories are worth it to splurge on the real B&J in this case.
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