Thursday, December 6, 2012

Breakfast for Dinner

All right, so I have this dilemma. I love warm breakfast foods like waffles and pancakes and what have you. I’ve been craving a good old greasy restaurant breakfast for like three months now. But I can never face eating that much in the morning (not to mention I have to be at work/class most days), and there really aren’t that many places that serve breakfast late. Basically, I wanted breakfast for dinner.

And finally I got my wish last night! Thank God for Denny’s! OK, so it’s not gourmet, it’s more like fast food than authentic country breakfast, but who cares? They serve it whenever you want it!

It was just my mom and me, and we had to scour the menu for a while before finally settling on our choices. Being a vegetarian in any “American” restaurant has its disadvantages, as I found out when I tried to substitute a side of sausages and bacon with hash browns on the French Toast Slam. Sure, they’ll give me egg whites instead of eggs, but take away two other sides and give me just one instead? It seems like they’re getting the deal there, but apparently it’s a no-go. So I just ordered it without the meat and got a separate side of hash browns. My mom got a veggie omelette.

It took about five minutes for them to make our food. It kind of makes me wonder how they do the french toast so fast...I probably don’t want to know. Anyway, it smelled delicious, between the fried potatoes, the French toast, and the maple syrup. (Come on, admit it, anything fried smells good.)

I have to confess, half the reason I wanted French toast was for the powdered sugar. The other half was to dunk it in the vat of syrup that came on the side. The main theme of this plate seemed to be HUGE! The French toast was made from thick slabs of bread, there was more butter than I would ever put on anything, and I had no idea that two egg whites could take up so much room. Thankfully, the hash browns were a little smaller.

Yeah, I didn’t use all that syrup, either.

Still, I’m not complaining. I was actually wondering if I’d be full after eating breakfast for dinner, but I needn’t have worried. I used as much of the maple syrup as I could while still enjoying the flavor of the French toast (and spilled quite a bit on the table in the process...), and a bit of the butter. And I did polish off the whole meal. Because I loved it!

The toast was dense and, like I said before, thick. French toast is one of those things I’d eat maybe like once a year, because it’s a weird flavor and you have to be in the mood. The powdered sugar made my night, along with dunking strips of toast in maple syrup. The egg whites were...eggy. I don’t know a better way to describe them. Not being a huge egg person, I pretty much drowned them in salt. I’m still in awe of how big they were.

The hash browns were part of my never-ending quest to find potatoes that I like. So far I have mashed potatoes, french fries from HiWay Pizza...and now these! They were crispy on top, and I’ll admit to carving out the undersides and saving the top for last. But overall they weren’t limp or soggy (which is what I don’t like about most french fries), and they were too greasy to be bland!

Maybe it wasn’t as good as a home-cooked country breakfast, but it was fatty, artery-clogging, and other words, it hit the spot! This is one craving I should have given in to months ago. I foresee a return trip in my future to try one of the other ten things on the menu that I wanted...
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