Friday, December 21, 2012

Review: Balance Bar S'mores

So a while ago I ran out of new Balance Bar flavors in State College, after reviewing four. I found a few in Virginia Beach (and, umm...still have one yet to try). And now that we have a Trader Joe’s, I have two more! One of them was S’more’s, from the Gold line, which, as opposed to the original line, features a third decadent layer (in this case, marshmallow).

Boring old chocolate coated nutrition bar...I have to say, after eating so many jumbo bars lately, this just seems so tiny.

On the inside we have what appears to be a crispy base with marshmallow fluff-type stuff on top. Unlike the marshmallow on the Pure Protein S’mores bar, it’s not gooey. It’s definitely soft, but it has more of a frosting or whipped texture.

While the Pure Protein version had a slight proteiny taste that was mostly covered up by the marshmallow, this one mainly tastes bitter. The protein base is really strong, and what flavor the marshmallow stuff has isn’t strong enough to overcome the overwhelming onslaught of protein-ness. Well, maybe there’s a hint of sweetness, but I’m not getting any graham cracker. The ends taste all right, mainly because they have more chocolate coating.

The previous Balance Bars I’ve had were always a dense, chewy base, whereas this one seems to be made of loosely-packed rice crisps. They’re sort of like a granola bar, but not as dense (and so not as satisfying). Maybe they were trying to simulate a graham cracker crunch? The marshmallow does add a creaminess to the mix, which is cool, but it would be cooler if I could taste it, too.

All in all, this was definitely a one-time purchase. I’d rather have the Pure Protein S’mores bar (which has more protein anyway), and even that one wasn’t one of my favorites. This bar ended up being a disappointment, to say the least.

Taste: 5--mostly bitter and proteiny; the marshmallow is underwhelming.
Texture: 9--crispy with a fun creamy component from the marshmallow.
Health: 8--it’s a good protein boost if you’re lacking, with (according to the website) low GI. GoodGuide gives this bar a 6.7 health score.
Eat Again? No.

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