Monday, December 10, 2012

Review: Metragenix 6:1 Bar Peanut Butter Brownie

Metragenix has to be one of my favorite brands, even though I’ve only eaten two of them. For one thing, they’re big. For another, despite their size, a lot of them really don’t have many more calories than the smaller bars I usually eat, plus they have about 150% of the protein. So when I go to GNC, which is the only place I can find them, sometimes I just can’t resist....

So here we have the 6:1 Peanut Butter Brownie bar.

I don’t have a size comparison (oops!); it’s longer than a small protein bar (about as long as the MET-Rx ones I’ve posted), but not nearly as tall. I know the coating looks extra-shiny, but it really is just plain old milk chocolate. Without even breaking it, the bar smells like peanut butter.

Well, it was a bit hard to break. The top layer is a creamy peanut butter filling, with a standard chocolate (I’m assuming) protein base. Looks promising.

OK, first of all that peanut butter stuff is really sticky. Stickier than real peanut butter, at least in combination with the base. Which is a little tough and not so much fun to chew. It didn’t remind me of a brownie at all, more like a goopy gum monster whose sole purpose in life is to adhere to your teeth. Plus, the coating is messy, flaking off and leaving chocolate dust everywhere.

While the peanut butter is present and gives the bar a salty vibe, the base has a funny protein-ish taste that doesn’t quite get covered up by the other components. It’s overall a wacky-peanut butter experience, not quite satisfying if you’re having a true craving.

About halfway through I decided I could maybe get into this bar, but by the end the combination of sticky peanut butter and gummy, tough base turned into too much of a workout. Bottom line, this bar wasn’t nearly as good as I’ve come to expect from Metragenix. Maybe I set my standards too high, I don’t know. The one good thing is, it’ll keep you busy for a while.

Taste: 7--the peanut butter is salty, and the base is funky. Do not expect a real peanut butter brownie.
Texture: 6--too much work, unless you really need something to slow you down (or are building up jaw muscles).
Health: 9--I like that for 300 calories you can have 30 grams of protein, and not many added extras.
Eat Again? No.

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