Friday, December 7, 2012

Review: Oh Yeah! Chocolate Cookie Crunch Bar

I love getting free samples from my online orders. And I love it even more when those free samples are protein bar samples. In this case, I got a mini-sized Cookie Caramel Crunch bar from Oh Yeah! when ordered from months ago.

Whereas a small bar would have 15 grams of protein and 190 calories (you can also buy the monster size), mine was only 8 grams/100 calories, so it was pretty small.

Lumpy little thing, isn’t it? Based in the shape, those appear to be peanuts under the chocolate coating, but the only time the word “peanuts” appears on the package is in a warning that the facility also handles peanuts. So, those lumps are a mystery...

...and shall remain so, because they still look like peanuts from the inside, too. The base looks sort of like a huge pretzel, and it’s pretty tough to break and bite. In fact it actually made my front tooth ache with the first bite because I wasn’t prepared. I may be partly to blame for the texture here, since I let this bar sit for a long time in my basement protein bar stash. A fresher version might have a gummy base, but I can’t be sure. But those mysterious crunchy things are really hard, which I don’t think would change, so beware! I still can’t tell what they were, I’ve never experienced anything quite like them. Although by the end of the bar I was actually starting to enjoy them.

Unfortunately, the base was pretty sour and protein-y, on top of being hard. The only enjoyable parts were the coating, a relatively minor player but chocolate nonetheless; and the crunchies, which offered more texture than flavor. So I was glad this was just a sample size.

Maybe this review was a bust, since it was both too old and too small to get a really accurate impression. But even so, I don’t think it would make my list of favorites.

Taste: 6--too much protein aftertaste.
Texture: 6.5--the base is tough and tiring, but the crunchy pieces are  fun.
Health: 7.5--maybe a little high on the fats, but most of them are unsaturated. Also, some of the protein comes from soy rather than whey.
Eat Again? No.

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