Friday, December 28, 2012

Review: Oh Yeah! Peanut Butter & Caramel Bar

Well, after my previous dismal Oh Yeah! experience (which I suspect was mostly my fault), I finally got up the courage to pull another flavor out of my stash. I’ll admit I had to convince myself that I didn’t want to make the same mistake twice, letting this Peanut Butter & Caramel bar age and turn yucky like the last one.

This time, it better be good because this is no sample bar! It’s one of those huge ones bodybuilders use as meal replacements (sorry, I still can’t call this a “snack”), completely dwarfing my beloved Quest bar.

It has a nice peanut butter coating and slightly ugly-looking peanut-shaped things under the surface (I learned with the Cookie Caramel Crunch that they’re not necessarily peanuts). And it certainly smells like peanut butter, so we’re off to a promising if not aesthetically pleasing start.

Hmm...that’s interesting. It seems to be solely made up of a chocolate-looking protein base. Upon closer inspection (i.e., when I actually bit into it and looked really closely), there is a caramel layer just inside the coating, but it’s nothing like the candy-quality gooey caramel in other bars. In fact, this thing looks like beef jerky wrapped in peanut butter coating.

Oh man, that just killed my vegetarian appetite.

The good news is it tastes better than it looks. I can verify that this time those lumps are peanuts, since that’s the first ingredient listed. They provide a good but not overpowering peanut vibe. The caramel taste is just as subtle as it looks, almost nonexistent, but there is a sweet note that I don’t think is coming from the coating. Likewise with the peanut butter: there’s some in there, but the overall tone of this bar is more peanut than anything else. The ends were the best part, having more coating and consequently more peanut butter/caramel taste. The coating is the star here.

As for the base, there’s room for improvement. It snaps when you break or bite into it, yet it’s also chewy. This is such an odd combination that I don’t know what to make of it, but I could do with something a little softer and easier to chew. It’s also, as far as I can tell, pretty flavorless. On the plus side, that means no protein taste, but I think a little more peanut butter flavor in the base would improve the overall experience a lot.

The only other real complaint I have is the mess that results when the coating chips off, and  you’ve got peanut chunks in your lap or on your table or long gone on the sidewalk as you eat this on the way to class. So I wouldn’t recommend doing that.

Taste: 7--not much peanut butter or caramel; mostly just peanuts.
Texture: 7--the base could be softer and the coating less messy, but the peanuts give a nice crunch.
Health: 7.5--watch the fat and sugar; there are more carbs than protein (and it does use soy isolate in addition to whey).
Eat Again? Probably not.

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