Saturday, December 1, 2012

Review: Promax LS Peanut Butter Chocolate Energy Bar

My second trip to Trader Joe’s, and the only thing I bought was one new protein bar...are you surprised? OK, technically my mom and I are sharing the garlic naan she picked up, but still...all those bars and I didn’t go crazy. Maybe I’m finally learning (some) control!

Well anyway, the one I picked up was the Promax LS Peanut Butter Chocolate energy bar, “LS” meaning “lower sugar.” Now low, but lower, which I guess isn’t quite as low as low but then again it’s not high either. (It has 9 grams in case you’re wondering.) It also has 18 grams of protein and 14 grams of fiber, so there’s lots of good stuff in there.

OK, I don’t have another bar for comparison, but this is slightly longer than your typical Quest or thinkThin bar. I’m not sure about the actual weight, but it at least makes me feel like I’m eating more, which is always a plus.

You know, this is really a cool looking bar. First of all because the coating is obviously peanut butter instead of chocolate, and second (and especially) because there’s that little peanut butter “eye” inside. There’s actually no difference in the texture of the two parts, just the colors. But it is visually appealing and exactly what the wrapper shows.

This bar is similar to the Cookies & Cream bar I also got at Trader Joe’s in that its first impression is of cocoa. One of my main complaints about peanut butter flavored bars is that they’re rarely peanut buttery enough for me, and that’s also the case here. I’d call it more of a diluted chocolate than peanut butter, though there are times when the peanut butter comes through a little stronger. I think most of the flavor is from the coating, not that little “eye.” There isn’t an obvious protein taste, but at the same time you’re not going to mistake this for a candy bar. The coating is also a little on the thin side for me.

The texture is well done: chewy but a little tough, too, because it’s dense. Which is good because it’s more satisfying that way. It’s not gummy in any way, nor is it a workout. I’d almost call it a cookie, but there’s a little too much resistance for that.

In all, not bad, especially when you consider all that fiber and protein with less sugar. This bar probably won’t knock your socks off, but it’s worth a try if you’re a peanut butter fan.

Taste: 8--mostly chocolate, with a little peanut butter at times from the coating.
Texture: 9--soft, but tougher and denser than a cookie, which makes it satisfying.
Health: 8--the lower sugar is definitely a plus, so you can get your protein and fiber without worrying about a crash later. Plus, it
’s gluten-free and natural.
Eat Again? Maybe.

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