Saturday, December 29, 2012

Review: Promax Nutty Butter Crisp Energy Bar

I know I said I was going to try out new recipes this break, but a crisis of energy (and time) found me reduced to making Nestle Break & Bake brownie bites from Halloween last, instead, here’s a review for you all. Hopefully I can get back into the kitchen soon, while I still have some time.

OK, so remember the day our Trader Joe’s opened? And I experienced the euphoria of a protein bar lover discovering new brands and flavors never before seen (at least to me) in State College? Well, that’s when I stumbled upon Promax protein/energy bars, including this Nutty Butter Crisp bar that sounded so intriguing.

Uh oh, the chocolate coating has a whitish tinge to it...too long in a now-cold basement? Perhaps, in which case any textural issues may be my fault. They’re not real specific about this bar, but I’m guessing (or hoping) that “Nutty Butter” translates into “peanut butter,” and my hopes are bolstered as soon as I open the package, because this thing smells like peanut butter. It also gave me a bit of a stiff chocolate aroma, which might also indicate some aging.

Inside, it’s a light peanut butter color, and breaking was more like...pulling it apart. It was very gummy, so I’m not sure what to expect from the texture. So far it doesn’t promise much “crisp.”

All right, first off: This is peanut butter candy. I mean it. No funny tastes at all, in fact it tastes like a Butterfinger knockoff (Clark Bar, maybe?) The taste is close but not quite; peanut butter but, like I said, candy peanut butter, not out-of-the-jar peanut butter. The chocolate coating didn’t taste funny at all, maybe not as sweet as milk chocolate candy, but more like dark chocolate. In other words: me likey! ;)

And the  texture, while not ideal, isn’t that unpleasant either. Yes, it’s gummy. Yes, the first couple of chews (and getting the initial chunk off the bar) are a little difficult. But it softens up in your mouth, and there’s a grit to it that I would even hazard to call “crisp,” though it’s VERY subtle (think microscopic rice crispies). It’s a minor player, but you’ll notice it and it really makes this bar great. It’s even  a bit juicy, which adds flavor.

If you want a Butterfingers but don’t want to reach into the candy jar, this is your bar. Well, a chewy Butterfingers. But nonetheless, it totally satisfied my peanut butter cravings, and  that’s saying something! The 20 grams of protein is just an added bonus.

Taste: 9.5--pretty much a Butterfingers.
Texture: 8--chewy and a little tough, but maybe a fresher bar would be better. Even so, I liked it.
Health: 6.5--it has 26 grams of sugar, which may be why it tastes so good.
Eat Again? Yes!

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