Thursday, December 13, 2012

Review: Pure Protein Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter

For a while Weis was my only source of Pure Protein bars. Then, Trader Joe’s opened. And they had giant Pure Protein bars! Well, two flavors, anyway. And you know I picked them up, because neither was one I already had. One of them was Chocolate Peanut Butter.

This is kind of cool, it’s like the mama protein bar compared to the little baby ones I’ve been getting. It’s very tall, as well as being longer. (Sorry I don’t have a small Pure Protein bar to compare it to...I ate them all.)

Hmm, it just smells like chocolate coating. If you get up reeealy close, it does smell a bit peanut buttery. But overall, the smell doesn’t hold much promise. Plus, the only component seems to be the base, and based on past experience I’m not expecting the base to be very appetizing....

But this bar has its surprises! Despite the sour base present in just about every other Pure Protein bar I’ve tried, this one really doesn’t taste like protein. At least, not obviously enough for my admittedly protein-desensitized taste buds. In fact, it really does taste like peanut butter! So, it isn’t the most peanut buttery protein bar out there, but the flavor is distinct and if it was a blind taste test I could tell you what it’s supposed to be. Good thing, too, because I’d hate to eat something this size if it was yucky.

One more surprise: the base, while chewy and gummy like you’d expect, also has a crispy component. It is subtle--think a few rice puffs scattered here and there--but it adds a nice touch to what could otherwise be a boring texture. I could see where, if you were in a rush, you could get tired chewing this bar. I wouldn’t recommend taking big bites, especially with how tall it is.

This bar is a redemption for Pure Protein. Sure, some of the others were all right, but it was purely due to an extra layer of caramel or marshmallow or what have you. This one passes with no frills, just a simple base that lives up to its name. Not a bad choice for 31 grams of protein.

Taste: 8--subtle, but it’s definitely peanut butter.
Texture: 8--the chewy base is the only component, but the crisps mixed in help break it up.
Health: 8--why do all these bars have sugar alcohols? Still, not a bad trade off for 19 grams of protein, in my opinion.
Eat Again? Maybe.

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