Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Review: Pure Protein Revolution Chocolate Peanut Caramel Bar

When I discovered Pure Protein bars a month or so ago, I was pretty excited. Another bar with 20 grams of protein for those days when I’m lacking on my intake. Since then I’ve calmed down a bit, mostly from discovering that I don’t like them nearly as much as the bars I usually use to fill that role.

But, the fact remains that they have a ton of flavors, some of which really are pretty good, and of course I can’t resist trying a new the caramel exploding all over the bright yellow packaging on this Pure Protein Revolution Chocolate Peanut Caramel bar was too much for my poor little caramel-loving brain.

All right, it’s not very big, but it sure packs a lot of protein (20 grams for 180 calories). I guess you could call it “portable” because it will fit just about anywhere, like a candy bar. Only a little better for you. :)

Oh, look at those strings of caramel! This is the real thing, ladies and gentlemen! It’s very gooey, and by far the dominant taste of this bar. There are also real peanuts in the caramel, not in the base, so they add texture as well as subtle taste. What I like is that the peanuts don’t override the caramel, like nuts so often do (they’re very pungent). They were a nice accent and covered up the taste of the base, which is, admittedly, a little protein-y. It’s only detectable as a slightly sour aftertaste, though--not while you’re still chewing. It takes a minute to set in.

The base texture is weird. It’s chewy and gummy like so many protein bars, but it’s also a little crispy. By itself, it’s really bland; I can’t even tell what flavor it’s supposed to be, besides protein. The taste reminds me a little bit of sawdust (not that I’ve--intentionally--eaten sawdust before, but being around horses has its consequences). It’s only combined with the gooey caramel/peanut mixture that the base works. So don’t dissect it like I did unless you’re willing to suffer through the plain base in order to experience the true bliss that is peanuts and caramel on their own.

Taste: 8--all together, the caramel and peanuts dominate with a little aftertaste of protein. Don’t eat the base alone.
Texture: 8--I like the gooey caramel. The base is typical but slightly crispy which adds variety.
Health: 8--Hey, 20 grams of protein is 20 grams of protein...and with only 1 gram of sugar. Of course, that means sugar alcohols...
Eat Again? Maybe.

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