Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Review: Quest Protein Bar Banana Nut Muffin

Christmas came early at my house this year! Specifically, last night, in the form of a NEW flavor of Quest bar! As an added bonus there was a free package of peanut butter cups in my box--thanks, Quest!!

Anyway, the new flavor is Banana Nut Muffin, and although I don’t really like banana nut products or banana bread, I ordered five because I have yet to find a Quest bar I don’t like. Oh sure, some are better than others (and significantly so), but they’re all good.

Naturally, I dug right in even though I’d already eaten my daily bar. (The first time I ate two in one day I was nervous, because that’s a LOT of fiber, but no harm done. ;)) The Banana Nut bar brings a whole new look to the current line of Quest bars.

OK, maybe that was an exaggeration. But it’s a very unique color. It’s a pale yellow, almost white, which I guess, when you think about it, is the color of an actual banana. I think I’m so used to the garishly bright artificial colorings in most foods that I wasn’t expecting something so nice and natural. On top of that there’s the smell. It’s always like this with Quest bars. These guys don’t mess around; it smells dead-on like banana bread.

All right, here’s where things get a little weird (and be ready for multiple occurrences of the word “weird” from here on). I took a bite, expecting lots of banana, and it was...salty? There were definitely bananas in there, I could taste them just fine, but they were more in the background. I could also tell there were nuts in the bar, and maybe they were contributing to the saltiness. I want to emphasize that it wasn’t bad, and I had no trouble blowing right through this bar...but it was weird. Definitely weird. It may be a result of not having many banana nut products in my lifetime (I think I’ve had banana bread maybe twice, plus one box of Banana Nut Cheerios).

Anyway, where this bar really excels is texture, and I’m giving it a 10 because it’s one of the softer ones and is really almost cookie-like straight out of the wrapper. It is part of the all-natural line, which tend to be softer, so that wasn’t a total surprise. Still, I loved it.

In the microwave (I put about half a bar in for 8 seconds), it turned even softer, squishy and gooey like a barely-cooked brownie. It also seemed less salty and more bready, with the bananas lingering somewhere in between.

Was this my favorite flavor? No. It doesn’t quite make my top four (or maybe even five, I’m not sure--there are too many good ones!). I might throw in a random Banana Nut bar with my future orders just to spice things up, but they won’t be replacing the usual flavors. Still, this bar will hold its own against its siblings, especially for banana fans.

Taste: 8--it is definitely banana, but it’s also really salty.
Texture: 10--already soft and cookie-ish, even squishier heated up.
Health: 10--good clean protein (and fiber)!
Eat Again? Yes, occasionally.

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