Monday, December 24, 2012

Turkey Hill Chocolate Marshmallow Frozen Yogurt (An Ice Cream Review)

OK, remember the last time I bought Chocolate Marshmallow light ice cream? Yeah, it wasn’t quite the Phish Food substitute I’d been hoping for. And yet, when I saw this Turkey Hill Chocolate Marshmallow frozen yogurt at Wegmans, I couldn’t help hoping again.

I love the Baklava frozen Greek yogurt that’s out for a limited time, so I had slightly higher hopes for this one.

Which were answered when I opened the lid and saw a real, live, gooey puddle of marshmallow swirl staring me in the face! I dug straight into that swirl, and uncovered a wonderful, sticky mess just below the surface. Of course, there were placed where no marshmallow invaded the chocolate ice cream, but that’s how it should be; that’s why it’s called a swirl, after all.

For frozen yogurt, this stuff is exceptional. It was soft and easy to scoop (aided by the ever-present marshmallow), and at times there are literally strings of gooey swirl clinging to your spoon. It’s not icy at all.

It also gets an A for taste. It’s very sweet, even where there’s no marshmallow. The swirl is, surprisingly enough, pretty subtle considering its huge presence at times, but if you get a big enough glop, you will definitely get a super-sweet sugar blast. The base chocolate is rich and deep, and sweet in itself, so no complaints there.

The only thing this froyo is missing is the chocolate chunks, and then we’d have a Phish Food replica! But that’s a minor detail that I’m willing to overlook in favor of the healthier aspect of the Turkey Hill version. After all, if I want chocolate in there, how hard is it to open a bag of chocolate chips and dump some in the bowl?

I’ll give you this: Easier than it is to stop pouring. ;)

** One carton later: I liked this so much I bought another carton at Weis. Where the first one could have passed for well-made ice cream, the second is really icy, the marshmallow is a little thin, and it’s just overall not appealing. I’m not sure if Wegmans just does a better job of maintaining their frozen foods, or if I got a bum container this time...but, once I finish the one currently in my freezer, I’ll still probably buy another--from Wegmans--just to see. But that means I have to work up the motivation to finish the icy one. **
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