Thursday, December 27, 2012

When Winter Happens

One of the reasons I don’t like winter is that snow can really ruin your plans. We got a nice big storm yesterday that dumped about 6 inches of snow everywhere and proved to be too much for even our mighty snowplows. (Yes, that’s sarcasm you hear. Their priority is sleeping in, who cares if the roads are ski slopes?) By afternoon I couldn’t even make it the mile or so down the road to the barn. So our original plans to hit Olive Garden obviously weren’t going to happen, and we ended up hunkering down for a windy and snowy evening.

So I don’t have an Olive Garden post. Maybe next time.

But I do have an easy food craft for you. It’s part of the usual gift package we give to our neighbors, along with Tuesday’s peppermint and peanut butter bark. We actually made these the same day I made the cake batter fudge, so they really must not be hard.

Yep, chocolate covered pretzels (plus a random candy cane left over from the peppermint bark). Who doesn’t love that? OK, I’ll admit it...I don’t. But that’s not the point, these aren’t for me anyway. And besides, making something for the neighbors that I don’t like will ensure that the neighbors actually get their treats before I do. ;)

Like I said, these are easy. Just melt some of those chocolate discs in the microwave. We put ours in a cup to cover more of the pretzel.

Stick the pretzel in and use the spoon to coat as far up the pretzel as you want. Being chocolate lovers in our house, we covered most of the pretzel.

Put it on wax paper, apply sprinkles, and stick it in the fridge to harden. Voila!

I really hope our neighbors appreciate the Herculean effort we put into their food this year....
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