Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Breyers Birthday Blast! (An Ice Cream Review)

It’s always exciting when something new hits the shelves, because I can say it’s the first time I’ve ever seen it and know that there aren’t a thousand people out there thinking I live under a rock because it’s been around forever.

Then there’s the situation when a company puts an enticing picture up on their website with the label “Coming Soon”...with no release date. Which is exactly what Breyers did with their new Blasts! flavor, the Birthday Blast! Which just made me want it right now.

“Blasted with real cake pieces and rainbow sprinkles”
I know it sounds similar to the Birthday Oreo, which was limited edition and appears to be gone now that it’s 2013 and Oreos are now officially 101. But this one has CAKE PIECES. And I much prefer cake to Oreos, if I really wanted Oreos I could just get cookies & cream. And I’m continually disappointed in the seeming sparseness of cake mix-ins outside of Ben & Jerry’s.

True to form, I forgot all about this flavor until a review appeared on On Second Scoop. Did I dare hope that central Pennsylvania’s Walmarts had already begun stocking it? YES! They have!

Basically what this ice cream (OK, frozen dairy dessert) does is take the base from the Birthday Oreo Blast! and mix in white cake pieces instead of Oreo cookies. It’s one sweet ice cream (literally). The base is basically a milder version of the cake, so when you hit a cake hunk it’s like a super-sweet flavor magnification. The pieces themselves are really dense and chewy and moist, and they have a way of sticking in your teeth. You might find this annoying, but I personally found it awesome because I love the cake pieces and it makes their flavor linger.

The sprinkles are a cool visual touch, and they add a bit of crunch that breaks up the chewy texture of the cake. But beyond that, like most sprinkles, they have nothing else to contribute. Honestly, I could have gone without them and wouldn’t have cared  either way.

So, if you love cake-flavored ice creams, this is soooo worth it. I’ve gone through nearly two cartons in roughly a week. I’ll let that be a testament to how awesome this new flavor is. (Though I’ll admit, taken in too-large doses it can get a little too sweet! I’m currently on hiatus from this ice cream--for a day or two. ;))
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