Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Review: Balance Bar Original Almond Brownie

Before I start the following review, I have to say that this bar is old...I bought it when we went to the beach this summer, and it’s been sitting in the basement ever since. So it may not be the finest example to represent Balance Bar’s rendering of a classic dessert.

Anyway, it’s the Almond Brownie bar from the original line:

“Crunchy, nutritious almonds combine with rich chocolate brownie flavor to create a deliciously satisfying and healthy snack perfect for any time of day (or night).”
Nothing too exciting, although I was surprised that there was no coating. Although, looking back, it turns out that the Double Chocolate Brownie bar also didn’t...maybe it’s just the ones labeled “brownie.” Whatever. It means you can see the big almond chunks inside.

There’s a little give to this bar, but when I broke it there was also a bit of dense snap to it. It seems fudgey, which actually does carry over when you eat it. The overall texture is well done, maybe a bit drier than real fudge but definitely at least reminiscent of a brownie. The almonds are really big and fairly well distributed, adding crunch.

They also help with the taste. As always when I eat a Balance Bar, I can taste the protein and other “nutrition” more than the chocolate (or whatever intended flavor). It’s not as noticeable where there are almonds--or, oddly enough, when you take a relatively big bite--so I was able to pretend it was mostly chocolate/nutty.

Considering there’s no chocolate coating to help things along, this bar was pretty well done. The fudgey mouth feel and crunchy almonds were enjoyable enough to overlook that lurking sour taste. Just not something I would eat when there are so many better choices.

Taste: 7--no coating, so the almonds are alone in trying to cover the protein taste; they are somewhat successful.
Texture: 9--fudgy like a brownie, with big, crunchy almonds. If it wasn’t so old it would probably be even fudgier.
Health: 8--better than a brownie, but GoodGuide still warns about sugars, giving an overall health score of 8.3.
Eat Again? No.

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