Saturday, January 12, 2013

Review: EAS Myoplex 30 Chocolate Caramel Bar

When I picked up this EAS Myoplex 30 Chocolate Caramel bar, I was expecting another one of your average chocolate-coated, chewy/gummy protein bars (the 30 stands for 30 grams of protein). So, although looking at the packaging revealed a crispy-looking granola bar thing, a part of my mind didn’t really believe it could be true...all that protein, contained in a granola base?

Well, it’s true! This bar is made up of a crispy granola base, with a chocolate layer on the bottom and a nice chocolate drizzle over top. It looks like a Luna bar, only a lot bigger (85 grams, almost twice the weight of a Luna bar, though some of that is only due to its denseness).

It doesn’t smell like much, just the chocolate coating and drizzle, so I can’t tell how caramelly it’s going to be. Turns out, I needn’t have worried: it’s definitely sweet, so there’s certainly caramel in there helping to bind the granola together. While that’s true, it’s also not quite as sweet as a granola bar in this situation would be, because there’s still a hint of protein in the background. It’s very, very subtle, but detectable because I’m no stranger to that protein taste.

In texture, it’s not exactly crispy; while there is a certain crispy component, it’s more like a chewy granola bar that’s very, very dense. This can get tiring to chew, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend trying to eat this bar if you’re in a hurry. You will be sore by the end of it. Take small bites, enjoy the experience, and you’ll be fine. There’s nothing to stop you from eating this bar on the go, as there are no flaky pieces to make a mess.

In all, this is a well-done bar, especially considering that it has 30 grams of protein and isn’t fully coated to mitigate the taste of the protein mixture. It could fool you into thinking it’s just a super-dense granola bar. Definitely worth a try.

Taste: 8--very well done, especially considering that it’s not fully coated and packs 30 grams of protein. Definitely contains caramel, though there is a very subtle hint of protein.
Texture: 9--a little tiring if you rush through it, but it’s a lot like a super-dense granola bar, and very satisfying.
Health: 7--I wish the main ingredient was whey isolate instead of soy, and there’s almost as much sugar as protein.
Eat Again? Yeah.

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