Monday, January 14, 2013

Review: MET-Rx Big 100 Colossal Crispy Apple Pie

If you go back about two months in the blog archives, you’ll notice a lot of MET-Rx posts. Having discovered the world of giant protein bars, I really started getting into it about that time and it didn’t take long to go through all the flavors available in State College (that I know of). I have to say, I’ve actually missed these MET-Rx bars because they’re (fairly) consistently tasty. It was like a huge candy bar that I could justify eating for the protein.

So when I was in Weis the other day and just happened to spot this Crispy Apple Pie bar, from the Colossal line, I got really excited.

It would have been poetic to use an apple pie flavored Quest bar for comparison, but I’m all out. :(

Inside this monster are 31 grams of protein, 10 grams of fat (5 are saturated), 47 grams of carbs--29 of which are sugar--and a bunch of vitamins and minerals. So maybe not the cleanest bar out there, but it has potential if it keeps you from eating an actual apple pie, right?

It is really tall. These Colossal bars are the tallest I’ve ever seen, so their name is apt. It also smells just like apple pie. Just watch out for the goop on top--it’s sticky, almost like pie filling, so I wouldn’t recommend touching it. This goop is also what’s emitting the apple pie smell, so you know it’s going to be good.

After getting you all hyped up with its appearance (I mean, is that impressive or what?) and aroma, this bar lives up to every expectation. No kidding, it tastes just like apple pie. At least, the goop on top does. The bottom coating is sweet, and between the two of them I can’t tell much about the flavor of the actual protein-containing crispy part. Which isn’t a bad thing at all. There’s no funny taste. In fact, the only thing keeping it from being real apple pie is the dense granola crunch, which I happen to like better than real, mushy apple pie.

This bar really does have it all, especially in terms of taste but also in texture. There’s a creamy element from the goop, but the crunchy/chewy granola makes it immensely satisfying. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. The only thing keeping me from calling it a candy bar is that candy bars don’t come in apple pie flavors. :)

Don’t worry, with all the extra sugar and incredible calorie load, this won’t be replacing Quest’s version. It’s more of a once-in-a-while treat. Really, that’s what it is--not a protein bar, a treat.

Taste: 10--just like apple pie.
Texture: 10--crispy, unlike apple pie, but I like this version better.
Health: least it’s not real apple pie. GoodGuide notes that it’s high in sugar, saturated fat, and sodium, and gives it a mere 3.7.
Eat Again? Yeah, as a treat.

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