Thursday, January 24, 2013

Review: MET-Rx Big 100 Peanut Butter Cookie Dough

Up until now, I’ve only been shopping at local supermarkets. But during the first week of the semester, I decided to stop in at one of the convenience stores on campus (The Mix at Pollock, for those of you familiar with Penn State), to use up a bit of my LionCash before I graduate and it all gets sucked into the huge void of Penn State’s funds.

The thing about college convenience stores is, they stock a lot of big protein bars. It makes sense, given who they’re catering to, and I have no complaints, because it allowed me to find some new MET-Rx flavors, including this Big 100 Peanut Butter Cookie Dough bar.

You probably already know how I feel about peanut butter and cookie dough (LOVE them both), so this bar has a lot to live up to.

It definitely smells like peanut butter, and there’s no coating, much like the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough version. Unfortunately, this makes it sticky, although it didn’t stick to my napkin so much that it tore. It did, however, leave enough residue on my fingers that I didn’t want to touch my keyboard while eating. That’s easily fixed, though, by not taking pictures of your food and instead eating straight out of the wrapper. ;)

The texture is correspondingly gummy, and pretty darn tough to chew. Especially trying to detach a bite from the bar. I ended up gnawing on it with my molars after my incisors got sore. Granted, it was a little chilled from being in the basement, which probably didn’t help. I don’t know whether these can be microwaved like Quest bars, but it may be worth a shot. Otherwise, don’t eat it too fast; your jaws will be tired enough as it is. On the plus side, it’s juicy once you start chewing.

The good news is, it’s quite peanut buttery. It’s a little bit of an off-peanut butter taste, but you can’t really expect it to taste exactly like Jif. It’s not too proteiny; in fact, I can’t tell if I’m tasting protein or just the fact that it’s not quite peanut butter.

There are little crispy pieces in the base, either peanuts or rice crispies, I can’t tell. They feel more like rice, but with the gummy texture it’s difficult to discern. Anyway, they do break up the toughness, which is nice, but they’re not overly plentiful. I think MET-Rx is really trying for the soft “dough” feel here.

By the time I got done, I was ready for a break! This bar is definitely a workout, but a peanut buttery one. Plus, I actually kind of like that it slows you down, since that gives you more time to realize that you’re ingesting 370 calories packed into one bar and, no, you don’t need another “snack” when you finish. :)

Taste: 8--pretty peanut buttery; though there’s something slightly off, it’s pretty good for a protein bar.
Texture: 7--an attempt at “dough” that leaves your jaws sore, with some crisps thrown in for variety.
Health: 6--it’s a little on the candy side of things, but substituting it for real cookie dough (or maybe just a typical dessert or for a post-workout meal) isn’t the worst thing you could do. GoodGuide gives it a 5 for health.
Eat Again? Yeah, but not very often.

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