Thursday, January 17, 2013

Review: NoGii Peanut Butter and Chocolate High Protein Bar

Remember the prize pack I won from NoGii at Christmastime? Well, I just couldn’t resist the lure of a totally new brand and protein bar sitting on my kitchen counter, so it didn’t take me long to crack open the Peanut Butter and Chocolate High Protein bar.

NoGii is dedicated to helping you achieve a gluten-free lifestyle, especially if you’re suffering from celiac disease or gluten intolerance. While I’m not committed to the gluten-free diet (obvious just browsing this blog ;)), that doesn’t mean these aren’t a good source of protein and other important nutrients.

This bar is fairly large, I’d say bigger than my usual Quest bar but not necessarily heavier. It’s made of a crispy rice base with a chocolate bottom and chocolate drizzled over the top. It also smells like your standard peanut butter protein bar: a hint of the PB, but slightly fake. The chocolate is fresh and even a little soft, perhaps because our house was a little too warm that day and I hadn’t yet stowed these in the basement.

If you think going gluten-free means sacrificing taste, think again. I can clearly taste the peanut butter in this bar, and there’s no funny proteiny aftertaste. The chocolate melds it all together very well, without being the least bit overpowering. The crisp is reminiscent of a granola bar, though it’s slightly denser and less airy, so more satisfying. It’s tall, and not hard to chew but not too easy either.

The thing is, this bar has a side effect: it makes you really thirsty! There’s something about the texture that crumbles in your mouth and sort of has a peanut butter-and-saltines effect, which is that you. Need. Water. So have a water bottle handy, because you’ll need it! This bar just invades your mouth and, while it does taste good, that can be a bit overwhelming.

I did enjoy it, though. This is one of the better-tasting peanut butter protein bars, and it’s not even fully coated, or coated with peanut butter. And even the thirst-inducing component reminded me a bit of eating peanut butter on crackers, which I used to do all the time before I discovered how much better they go with Peeps. And for people who can’t have gluten, this bar is a perfect source of edible nutrients.

Taste: 8--the peanut butter is present, though not too strong, and the milk chocolate blends with it nicely.
Texture: 8--crispy, but not quite as airy as a granola bar; will make you thirsty, though.
Health: 9--it’s gluten free, but also provides 20 grams of protein along with calcium and iron, and not too much saturated fat.
Eat Again? Yeah, if I knew where to find them around here. But it wouldn’t be a regular occurrence.

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