Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Review: thinkThin Cookies & Cream High Protein Bar

A while back I promised some upcoming thinkThin reviews, as I found two new flavors at one of the local Giants. I was torn between which one to try first, but I finally decided on the Cookies & Creme bar.

Yes, the white chocolate coating had something to do with my pick. Given a choice, I’ll almost always say that white chocolate adds better flavor to a bar (except maybe the old classic, milk chocolate/peanut butter), and this is no exception. Plus, the white puts you in mind of cookies & cream, even if it’s not really the “cream” component. So far, it smells like white chocolate.

OK, the inside is deceptive at first. You might think those white things are Oreo-like cookies & cream components, but they’re actually just rice crisps. They’s not very plentiful and only lend a random crisp every once in a while. There are darker brown pieces inside that I assume are suppose to be the “cookies.” Otherwise, the base is just soft and sort of cookie-ish, though not like a fresh-baked cookie...more like a store-bought one. It’s also pretty dry, leaving me thirsty and with a powdery feel to my teeth.

In terms of taste, it’s not exactly a standout, nor does it remind me of Oreos. It seems to be just a chocolate base with white chocolate coating. There’s a bit of flatness to it, which I’d attribute to the fact that it’s a protein bar, but the base doesn’t necessarily taste bad; it just doesn’t particularly taste good, either. For me it was just a vehicle for eating the coating, which was pleasantly sweet, rich, cool, and crunchy (in the sense of a chocolate shell being crunchy rather than melty).

The softness and white chocolate coating make this bar easy to eat, although I would recommend having a drink nearby. But, if I want to go for white chocolate, I liked the White Chocolate flavor better. Something about these standard chocolate bases just doesn’t work as well for me.

Taste: 7--not exactly bad, but not quite tasty either (aside from the coating); didn’t remind me of cookies & cream, but certainly edible.
Texture: 8--a little dry and chalky, but soft.
Health: 9--no sugar, no gluten, but mind the sugar alcohols.
Eat Again? No, there are better flavors (and brands).

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