Friday, January 11, 2013

Turkey Hill Stuff'd Praline Pecan Paradise (An Ice Cream Review)

When I buy ice cream, I usually don’t go for pints unless it’s something only available in that size--like Ben & Jerry’s--because, really, I could blow through a pint in one sitting, and then it’s all gone. What fun is that?

But, given my propensity for scooping waay too much ice cream out of a bigger carton, I realized the virtues of this pint of Turkey Hill Stuff’d Praline Pecan Paradise. It’s “Butter Pecan flavored light ice cream with praline pecans and a caramel swirl.” So, at 120 calories per serving, and four servings per container, I don’t feel as bad eating the whole thing in one sitting as, say, What A Cluster.

On the other hand, that knowledge made it a lot easier to forgo even an attempt at self-control. I didn’t even scoop this into a bowl.

Right off the bat there are a ton of pecans. They’re visible without even touching the ice cream, but let me tell you, they’re just as frequent the whole way through the pint.

The ice cream is soft, and like most light ice cream it’s melting faster than a premium brand. Usually that tends to make me eat faster, but this is a unique case.

Just a few scoops in, I ran into this puddle of caramel swirl, and while I do like caramel, there’s something about this ice cream that’s just overwhelming. It’s really salty, perhaps suffering from too many nuts, in combination with the butter pecan flavored ice cream. It might have been mitigated with just plain vanilla. Either way, I found myself having to slow down and almost struggling to make it through this pint.

On top of that, while the pecans were everywhere, I couldn’t detect any pralines. Which is a problem, because I like pralines much, much better. They would have helped break up the extra-salty flavor a bit.

Overall, I’m not sure I liked this one. For someone who loves nuts and butter pecan and caramel, it’s a sure winner. But I’d prefer fewer nuts and less salt. Edy’s has a slow churned version that’s much more even in its distribution, so I think I’ll stick with that next time.
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