Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ben & Jerry's Dulce Delish (An Ice Cream Review)

The Ben & Jerry’s parade continues with another flavor I’ve had before, though only once and long enough ago that the only thing I remember about it is that I liked it enough to consider buying it again. Dulce Delish is described as “Rich Caramel Ice Cream with Dark Caramel Swirls,” but you’ll have to search Google or buy the pint yourself to confirm that, because it’s not listed on the Ben & Jerry’s website. Or you can read it off of my pint. ;)

Just like with the Cake Batter and Creme Brulee, I’m a little hesitant because of its apparent boringness. I mean, caramel on caramel? I do love caramel, but some sort of mix-in (I don’t count swirls as mix-ins) would be appreciated.

But I plowed on, scooping for the sake of this blog...which is easier said than done, because as always with the super-premium, dense Ben & Jerry’s, scooping is tough. Although I’m convinced that’s also partly because scooping from a pint is hard in the first place (*ahem*, B&J, that’s a hint to make more of your flavors available in huge tubs...).

BUT you probably aren’t as interested in scooping the ice cream and reading descriptions of the ice cream and looking for the ice cream on the company’s website as you are about eating the ice cream. So rest easy knowing that it’s caramel heaven. If you’ve ever eaten B&J’s caramel swirl, that’s basically what the base tastes like, only a bit milder (and obviously there’s a textural difference). It has a lot more caramel flavor than the caramel base used in any other flavor. It makes the caramel base in Karamel Sutra and Imagine Whirled Peace look like vanilla. I mean, just look how brown that base ice cream is!

The swirl isn’t that thick, though it certainly is gooey and with the ice cream tasting like it does, you don’t need a whole lot of swirl to add flavor. There is a slight increase in caramel factor where the swirl is present, and I did have one thick patch that was chewy delight. But in all honesty, maybe a base and swirl that taste basically the same wasn’t the best strategy.

As I made my way through my bowl, I noticed two important things about this ice cream. One, it’s really thick. You know how caramel swirl is thick and chewy? There was a degree of that in the actual ice cream, too. Kind of cool.

But the other thing I noticed was that the base didn’t seem as creamy as most B&J’s. Maybe it was just because the taste makes you expect the texture of caramel sauce, I don’t know. I may even have been imagining it. I do know that if you let it sit just long enough, it gets plenty creamy just like the rest of B&J’s premium bases.

If you love caramel, this is totally the ice cream for you. If you like your mix-ins, maybe not so much. While it was enjoyable, I’m not sure I’d put it in my top five, or even ten.
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