Friday, February 15, 2013

Blue Bunny Triple Chocolate Cake (An Ice Cream Review)

I know I give the impression that I only eat a few brands of ice cream. Which might be mostly true--lately I’ve been sticking with Breyers and Edy’s, with the occasional Ben & Jerry’s, of course. But Blue Bunny is also fairly common in my freezer, especially the Birthday Party and Red Velvet flavors...I just never wrote about them. But then I saw at Weis that their Duff Goodman-inspired flavors come in pints, and I love pints, so I bought two. One I’ve never even heard of before and the other:

Chocolate Lover’s Triple Chocolate Cake! We had this once a while ago, and it was really good. I mean, how could chocolate cake pieces and chocolate frosting swirls in chocolate ice cream not be good?

Now, being a chef and all, Duff should in theory know what he’s doing here...and judging by the look of that swirl, he does! It looks about ready to pop out of the ice cream on the right side there. This swirl is thick, fudgy, and very plentiful throughout the pint. It’s sort of a chocolate buttercream/ganache hybrid, and almost slimy, but in a good way if that makes sense. I don’t want to make it sound unappetizing, because it was just the opposite--the most awesome part of this ice cream, if you ask me. It’s so rich.

The cake pieces (there’s one on the far right, above) are very soft, moist, and...fudgy? Wait, since when is cake fudgy? Never mind, I’ve never been a huge fan of airy cakes anyway (actually the only reason you’ll see me eating a cake is for the frosting), so this is perfect. It packs an extra chocolate punch, though not quite as strong as the frosting. Actually, sometimes the frosting is so thick that it’s hard to tell the two apart, except that the frosting has a deeper chocolate flavor.

The only place where this ice cream doesn’t quite hit to par is the base. It’s fairly standard chocolate ice cream, nothing special. And perhaps, with all the other chocolate lurking in there, it doesn’t need to be. But it was a tad icy on top and grittier than I remember. It’s possible it did some temperature cycling en route from the store to my freezer, but was a bit too soft for me. It was pretty airy--you know I like my dense Ben & Jerry’s--and not quite as creamy as I would have liked from an ice cream labeled “premium.” It melted pretty fast, so I didn’t get to savor the experience as much as I would have liked.

But Duff has done a great job with the important part: the mix-ins. I know I’m spoiled and I shouldn’t be comparing the base to a more expensive and caloric ice cream like B&J’s, so I won’t dwell on that. This is truly a chocolate lover’s ice cream. The frosting swirl is what did it for me.  Try it, you won’t be disappointed. As for me, I’m going to call Duff and see if he’ll just sell me a pint of the frosting. :)
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