Monday, February 18, 2013

Mark Your Calendars, I Put a Pint of Ice Cream Back in the Freezer...

Sometimes simple is better. Less is more. In the world of ice cream, there are so many exotic flavors and mix-in combinations that it can be overwhelming. But Mars, being first and foremost a candy company, goes the opposite route and keeps it to a minimum.

For example, this “Chocolate Ice Cream with M&M’s”:

The only thing simpler would be just plain chocolate ice cream, right?

Oops, I guess they failed to mention the chocolate swirl. Still, I’m excited about that because it looks just like the one in their Twix ice cream, which was excellent. But I’m not sure what possessed them to add sprinkles.

Anyway, there is a limit to how much something like this is going to impress me. I happen to enjoy all those crazy flavors and mix-ins, so unless this is some seriously amazing chocolate ice cream, it might be a little too simple.

Yep...too simple. The chocolate ice cream isn’t very creamy, and the mini M&M’s are frozen and so quite crunchy. I prefer my chocolate soft (I’m weird and actually like to suck on candy bars rather than just chewing them), so right off the bat this wasn’t working for me.

The sprinkles are purely aesthetic and add nothing but calories...although admittedly not very many. I guess they make it less boring to look at, but certainly not less boring to eat. The only part I really truly savored was the chocolate swirl, which is like a slightly gritty, deep ganache; but there wasn’t enough of it to satisfy me. In fact, even though I was spooning straight from the pint, I actually ended up putting it back in the freezer--a first for me! That’s when you know it wasn’t stellar.

Don’t get me wrong--if you like M&M’s and chocolate ice cream, this is certainly a respectable ice cream. But the combination just didn’t sit well with me, and after passing up Phish Food Froyo for the second night in a row, I wish I’d made a different choice.
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