Friday, February 1, 2013

Milky Way or Whoppers? (An Ice Cream Review)

One thing Penn State is really good at is carrying food items seen nowhere else in State College. I’ve found some interesting protein bars there, as well as seemingly obscure ice cream flavors (why is it impossible to ship Ben & Jerry’s Oatmeal Cookie Crunch to central PA?). In particular, the little store next to my old dorm sells Mars-branded ice cream which I bought at the end of last year to use up meal points but unfortunately never got the chance to try (I should have hidden them better in the freezer!).

Well, this time I bought them for me! In fact, later that very same night, I broke out the one I was most excited about: Milky Way.

The weird thing is that these pints definitely exist, and Google brings up news releases about some of the flavors, but I can’t seem to find any information about ice cream pints on their website.

“Chocolate malt ice cream with Milky Way”
That’s chocolate malt ice cream, not just chocolate ice cream. I can only guess it’s supposed to simulate the nougat part of a Milky Way.

As excited as I was for this ice cream, it was pretty disappointing. Sure, there were plenty of Milky Way bits, but they were just the thin chocolate shell part. There was a little bit of caramel, but it was almost entirely visual; I couldn’t taste it unless I made a purposeful effort to get only caramel on my spoon. And the malt ice cream? It was just...weird. Actually, it made me think I was eating a giant, frozen Whopper (without the crunch). FYI: I don’t really like Whoppers.

On the plus side, the chocolate chunks weren’t rock hard. In fact, near the top of the pint they  were pretty creamy, about the texture of a Milky Way at room temperature, although further down they had more crunch. But my favorite part of a Milky Way--the caramel--was sadly almost completely absent. This was about the extent of it--the biggest swirl I found, and also the first I encountered, about 1/4 of the way into the pint:

Let’s just say I *almost* didn’t want to finish this one. It would be much better with chocolate ice cream and a hefty caramel swirl...maybe even a nougat swirl like Ben & Jerry’s have perfected. But until then...I don’t think I’ll buy this again.
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