Friday, February 8, 2013

Review: Quest Protein Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Yep, you read that right. Quest has gone and done it...they’ve created a chocolate chip cookie dough protein bar!

When I first heard the news (through Facebook, of course), I just about jumped through the roof in excitement. I know fans have been bugging them for ages for this flavor, but it seemed too good to actually happen...but here we are. Honestly, most of these bars already have such a doughy texture that all they really need is the flavoring. There are so many ways to make a disaster out of something as divine as cookie dough, but I trust these guys with my life. And my taste buds. ;)

Strangely enough, the box was longer than the other one it came with (Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor)...about the width of one bar longer! I asked (again, via Facebook, of course) and was told it was to help the bars “survive shipping” better (without getting squished, I guess). Talk about customer service! Although I wonder what makes Chocolate PB less special...

I’m not sure, but what I do know is there is plenty of chocolate in this baby! Looking back, I guess it’s weird that this is the first Quest bar to use actual chocolate pieces, rather than just chocolate flavoring. Should be interesting.

It really does look like cookie dough, doesn’t it? It smells like chocolate and the base seems sweet. On biting into it, you can tell the chocolate isn’t your ordinary chocolate chips. It’s more bittersweet; I believe they used dark chocolate, the same as for the Cravings Peanut Butter Cups. It seems a bit dry for chocolate (the first version of the peanut butter cups suffered a little bit from this also). But with the texture of the bar it’s hard to tell, so this is a minor complaint.

The actual base is sweet and slightly salty, basically cookie dough. They pulled it off again, I don’t know how they keep churning out delicious bars that are actually good for you. That said, the texture of this bar seemed a little off. It’s actually less cookie-dough-ish than the Cinnamon Roll or Coconut Cashew or Chocolate Peanut Butter. It’s not gritty enough. I’m thinking this may be because all those flavors are part of the all natural line, while the Cookie Dough (according to the website) is an addition to the original line. I’ve always liked the all naturals better.

But I digress. The inauguration of the CCCD bar would not be complete without the ever-important microwave after eating half of the bar as is (I didn’t want to stop because it was so good that way!), I nuked the other half for 9 seconds.

It got a little softer, but not much, and the chocolate did not melt. It probably would get all gooey and straight-from-the-oven messy if you warmed it for longer, but it was still excellent this way, too. It tasted more like cookie dough when warm, and something really cool happened. While the bar itself was warm, the chocolate chunks stayed cool. I cannot explain this phenomenon, but it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced. I loved the contrast between the warm base and cool chocolate. Aside from that, it’s exactly like a warm cookie from the oven.

I’d say that even though I still don’t know which Quest bar is my favorite (I have four: Chocolate PB, Coconut Cashew, Cinnamon Roll, and Lemon Cream Pie, not in any order mind you), this one isn’t it. But still, it was worth every penny to ship this bar from California, worth every day of stalking the UPS guy and constantly tracking my package...I’m currently debating my decision to move to North Carolina; I may have to go west instead. :)

Taste: 9--the base is sweet and a little salty, like cookie dough; dark rather than milk chocolate. It tastes even more like cookie dough after microwaving...or a freshly baked cookie!
Texture: 8--soft like dough, but missing the grit. I prefer the natural line’s texture.
Health: 10--just look at the label. This stuff is serious.
Eat Again? Well, of course!

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