Saturday, February 9, 2013

Review: Supreme Protein Carb Conscious Cookies 'n Cream

My try-new-protein-bars obsession has reached a new level with a trip out to a different Giant for the sole purpose of scoping out new flavors. Well, OK, I was also looking for more flavors of Arctic Zero, but they didn’t even carry it. But I did have far better luck on the protein-bar front, and ended up trying two of the ones I bought that very same night. The first was Supreme Protein’s Cookies ‘n Cream flavor.

These also come in giant 88g bars, but mine is the more reasonable (though arguably less fun) 44g version. Notice the lumps, which are either cookie bits or rice crispies.

The inside looks just like the illustration, which is always the case with Supreme Protein, so no surprises there. I was a little miffed when the bar snapped in half, though, because I was thinking we’d have a gummy/chewy base with a creamy white layer.

The first bite might be a big surprise if you’re not ready for the huge contrast between the layers. After getting through the coating, your top teeth sink in so fast it’s like cutting warm butter--the cream layer is super soft and, well, creamy. But then you hit the base about halfway through, and it’s hard. Eventually it turns chewy, but it’s something like a protein brick that doesn’t contribute a very good cookies & cream feel. I like the crisps, however, as they provide the crunchiness of crushed Oreos.

The taste is likewise half and half: The cream layer is extremely sweet and is a very accurate representation of the real thing. While it lingers, this bar really does taste like cookies & cream. But in the absence of the cream, the base just tastes like chocolate-flavored protein mix, with that sour edge I associate with so many protein bases. And because of the textures, the base lasts much longer in your mouth than either the coating or the chocolate, so unless you’re swallowing this thing whole, you’re going to get a dose of that protein.

The only other complaint I have is that the coating falls off very easily. By the end I had great chunks of it, which admittedly did allow me to simulate eating a Nestle Crunch bar when I was finished, but also left more unmitigated base flavor as I ate the bar. Plus, it was a mess.

Taste: 8--real cookies & cream taste...until the cream and coating are gone.
Texture: 6--the cream layer certainly succeeds, and I like the crunch in the coating, but it’s messy and the base is very tough.
Health: 7--for being so small, it carries a sizeable chunk of your daily saturated fats, and you’ll want to watch out if you’re sensitive to sugar alcohols. But 15 grams of protein is nothing to sneeze at.
Eat Again? Maybe.

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