Monday, March 4, 2013

Arrival (and dinner) in North Carolina!

Whew! A long day of traveling (I slept for most of it, since I had the backseat to myself ;))

Anyway, we arrived in North Carolina at around 7 and got to the hotel by 9. Not bad for leaving a little bit after noon and stopping for dinner on the way.
Especially since dinner was at a Golden Corral.

I posted about the Golden Corral we stopped at on the way home from Virginia Beach already, so you know that it’s a bit overwhelming with the sheer variety of food. I love Golden Corral just for that reason...but it’s also really easy to just keep stuffing food in your face. I tried to be good...I did get in some fruits and veggies from the salad bar.

Then there was the hot buffet--macaroni and cheese, as always--it was pretty standard, not anything special but not your just-add-water Kraft deal either. I haven’t had mac & cheese in so long, it tasted really good. 

There are also three steakhouse fries (apparently I didn’t learn my lesson last time), of which I only managed to eat one. I had to scrape the bottom of the pan for approximately three scalloped potatoes, but they were definitely worth it--probably one of the best things on that plate. The cooked veggies were all right, but I’ve never really liked my vegetables cooked because I like them crunchy. And the fried okra (that little brown ball next to the mac & cheese) was really good! I think I just love the breading. :)
We also got some pretty awesome garlic cheese breadsticks.

And then...

Ohh...the dessert bar...

I tried to be good, I really did, but...

I ended up with chocolate cake, a brownie, fudge, and carrot cake. I also couldn’t resist dipping a marshmallow on the chocolate fountain...when I went for seconds. So much for taking it easy!

This particular Golden Corral was not very good at keeping their foods replenished, but there was still plenty to give me a food baby afterwards!

Today looks to be busy, touring apartments, and then hopefully we'll be done until summer comes around and I actually move down here! I will try to post soon about the apartments...we'll see how that goes. :)
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