Monday, March 11, 2013

Blue Bunny Cup O' Coffee Cake (An Ice Cream Review)

When I first saw this pint of Blue Bunny’s Cup O’ Coffee Cake ice cream, I was hesitant. It was a mixed bag: “Robust coffee ice cream and low fat cinnamon ice cream with cinnamon sugar swirls, pieces of golden cake and crunchy streusel.” I despise coffee, and consequently have never eaten coffee ice cream. But I looove coffee cake, and haven’t eaten it in ages. That and the cinnamon ice cream and streusel were calling I picked it up and hoped for the best.

This will be the third Duff Goodman flavor I’ve tried (I frequently eat but haven’t blogged about Red Velvet, and I wrote about the Triple Chocolate Cake a while ago). I’ve found that they’re respectable, but not my favorites by far. I actually prefer Breyers or Edy’s, or even Blue Bunny’s regular Birthday Party flavor if I need a cake fix.

Anyway, can the cake trump the coffee for me? We have what looks like plain chocolate/vanilla swirl, but it smells like cheesecake...wait, what?! Yeah, I don’t get it, either.

I dug into the coffee ice cream first and a little cautiously, but immediately picked up some streusel too. The cinnamon flavor from the streusel dominated the coffee, though it was still there. It was OK, but I’m still not crazy about coffee, so I’m glad the streusel holds its own.

OK, now I have to start complaining. As with the Triple Chocolate pint, this one had a gritty/icy texture. Usually Blue Bunny doesn’t do that, though all I’ve ever had before these was their big cartons. Also, these two came from the same freezer on the same day. There was ice below the top of the pint as well, coincidentally usually where the streusel was.

I was also disappointed with the coffee-to-cinnamon ice cream ratio. But that’s because I don’t like coffee. Still, the cinnamon was so mild that I wouldn’t have even known it was cinnamon ice cream if I hadn’t read the description. Really, the only cinnamon flavor comes from the streusel.

I also found the crunchy streusel to be a bit annoying after a while. By the end of the pint (yes, I ate the whole thing), I was sick of trying to chew it completely and get it out of my teeth. It stuck around but lost its flavor...sort of like chewing on peanut shells. I’d rather have something gooey.

And, finally, if you’ve noticed that I didn’t mention any yellow cake pieces...that’s because there weren’t any! At least, not any noticeable ones. Not soft, moist, chewy chunks like Breyers Birthday Blasts! or Ben & Jerry’s Boston Cream Pie and Red Velvet. Or even like Duff’s Triple Chocolate. I was expecting something similar here, only white instead of chocolate, but nope. Nada.

Buying this pint was probably a mistake, but now I’ve learned. There are better cinnamon flavors out there (I could make a list but it would be too long and boring). I’d stick with Duff’s other flavors next time.
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