Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Breyers Blasts! Heath Bar

There are some flavors of ice cream that I don’t bother hiding deep in the freezer because I know no one else will eat them. Peanut butter, for instance. Both my dad and my sister hate peanut butter (which is un-American, in my opinion), and my mom is too worried about fat content to go near it. The same goes for toffee. Only in that case, I am the sole, lonely person in the house who likes it, which is why I get this carton all to myself:

Breyers Blasts! Heath Bar is described as “HEATH® English Toffee bar and caramel swirls bursting through a rich toffee treat.” I’ve enjoyed this flavor in the past, so buying it wasn’t a tough decision.

Well, there’s plenty of caramel swirl going on here. When I tried Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch, my main complaint was the lack of a swirl...not a problem with Breyers’ version. In this case I think “bursting” is an accurate description.

As you can see, the Heath pieces are small but plentiful. They seem to be mostly the chocolate portion of the bar, but the toffee flavor is strong. There isn’t a whole  lot of crunch from these pieces, and I’d like to see them a little bit bigger like B&J’s, so that it would feel almost like eating an actual Heath bar. But it’s very respectable as it is.

Keep in mind that this is a “frozen dairy dessert,” so it doesn’t have the texture of B&J’s or other premium ice creams. It’s very light and airy, and super easy to scoop--about the consistency of butter. I happen to like the quick-melting texture, because it’s so creamy, but I know some people find this texture repulsive.

Whatever your preferences, if you love Heath and caramel, this is definitely worth a try. I’m torn between Breyers and Ben & Jerry’s on toffee flavors. I’ll let that speak for itself.
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