Monday, March 25, 2013

Breyers Chips Ahoy! Blasts! (An Ice Cream Review)

OK, so you know I’m a fan of some of Breyers’ Blasts! flavors. But truth be told, the only review I wrote that was truly the first time I tried one was for the new Birthday Blast! So, since I was getting a little bored with my usual flavors, I decided to go for something new this time.

I chose the Chips Ahoy! flavor because I was craving something with chocolate, and I’ve eaten both the cookie dough and brownie Blasts! before. So this one satisfies both requirements, with “Blasts of Mini CHIPS AHOY!® cookies, chocolatey chunks and fudge swirls in each creamy scoop.” Plus, it says the base is cookie-flavored frozen dairy dessert, and I’m dying to know what that means.

Without even scooping you can already see several large cookie pieces and a bunch of chocolate swirl...they aren’t messing around here, that’s for sure. It makes it hard to isolate the base for a taste test, but the best I can tell, it’s this funky sweet taste. It’s not vanilla, that’s for sure, but I don’t really know how to describe it. It’s not as sweet as the Birthday Blasts! base, but definitely good for someone craving a sugar rush.

The chocolate components, despite their appearance, are actually pretty subtle here against the sweet base. Maybe I was just too busy trying to sort out its weirdness, but the chocolate swirl seems to become more of a background complement to the cookie theme than a major player itself. The chocolate flakes (they’re really too small to be called chunks) aren’t noticeable until you finish chewing, and they leave a chocolatey filling in your molars. Personally, I love that feeling. My dentist, however, may feel differently. The flakes add some hard crunch.

The cookies are both large and plentiful. They remind me of the cookies in Cookie Crisp cereal, only they taste like Chips Ahoy! (Duh!) It’s kind of cute that, instead of using cookie chunks, they used whole mini cookies. It’s like the ones you get in those snack baggies of Famous Amos or whatnot. They’re neither crunchy like traditional Chips Ahoy! nor soft like cookie dough, but kind of soggy in that milk-soaked way. It’s a good soggy, but if you’re looking for a solid crunch, you’ll be dependent on the chocolate flakes here.

When the cookies are factored in, I think the base does pass for “cookie-flavored,” or at least it works well with the other ingredients to produce an overall feeling of eating a chocolate chip cookie in ice cream form. I really enjoyed this I was really depressed when I went to scoop some more the next night and discovered I’d accidentally left it out for 24 hours! I’ll admit that I copped a few spoonfuls anyway, and it actually tasted good enough that I would have kept going if not for the fear of food poisoning. Ooops.

So, I’m off to buy more. This one is worth buying, if only to say you’ve eating cookie-flavored frozen dairy dessert. Or like me, you could always drink it. :)
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