Sunday, March 24, 2013

Review: Clif Bar Peppermint Stick

It’s funny how Christmas items appear on shelves months before the actual holiday. Same thing with Christmas music on the radio--the day after Thanksgiving it’s all you hear, and, at least on the country station at the barn, it’s always the same songs. Instead of Jack and Jill on booze and pills, it’s Hazel’s Hallelujah Punch, and instead of wives dying of cancer or childbirth it’s Grandma meeting the Grim Reaper under the hooves of a rampaging reindeer. Christmas music and country are bad enough on their own, do we really need to combine them?

OK, now that I’ve alienated all of the country music fans and Christmas carolers out there, those who remain are probably in agreement with me that candy canes are annoying.

No? Oops. I just lost the rest of you didn’t I?

If I don’t like candy canes, why did I buy the Peppermint Stick Clif bar when it came out around Halloween? Because it (and the Pumpkin Spice bar next to it) were limited edition, that’s why! Now, since that was probably late October/early November, and seeing as it’s now February 20 as I write this review (and  who knows how long until I actually publish it...), this bar has been sitting in my basement for a while.

It’s not that I don’t like peppermint, it’s just that I don’t like it very much. Definitely not enough to be sucking on it for more than a few minutes. But that’s OK, because you don’t suck on Clif bars (normally), and the peppermint does not make up the entire bar. Although it does smell that way.

Well, it smells like a candy cane and it tastes like one too. Sort of. It’s weird to have an oaty background taste and texture to your candy cane, and the oats and peppermint mix kind of weirdly here. On the plus side, I usually get a funny bland taste from Clif bars, which is completely covered up by the peppermint in this one.

The texture is the standard molasses/oats chew. It’s not too easy to eat, but not tiring either. There is a bit of crisp to the base as well, though no candy cane-ish crunch, and nothing gets stuck in your teeth as if you were chewing hard candy. So I’m not sure if there are real peppermint candy pieces in this bar, or just peppermint flavoring.

Taste: 7--candy cane with a hint of oats, which can be a bit off-putting.
Texture: 8--molasses-y, chewy, and a bit crispy.
Health: 8--it’s an energy bar, so it has a lot more sugar than protein and other nutrients. GoodGuide doesn’t have a score for this specific flavor, but rates the Clif bars in general around an 8.4 for health.
Eat Again? Nah.

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